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    Poetic Resistance

    1. Jalili
      Waiting to see who's going to drop some heat first
    2. Majadi
      Just making this up Freedom Style
      freedom time, red, red wine black,
      black mind brothas on the green green
      grind need to unify the red blood on their green dollars
      with their black mind,
      I'm so black I'm invisible to the naked eye
      but my third one is a naked guy
      a hard sigh with air so fly it will get you high
      like Talib Kweli I try
      mostly not to die
      but if neccesary I might do that
      definitely cry as I spy through my all seeing life as a Human Being
      the Afrikan Being
      a negro pleading bleeding for the oppressor
      so rather than wait I'll use these lyrics to bait
      the rest of my beautiful people with pure Black Love coming from above
      so as below I breathe the breath believe the breath that blows smoke like incense
      some say I'm too intense
      others search the glass ceiling
      I'm sneaking around the fuckin' fence
      and I ain't been fuckin' around since I got married
      through the mountains and the


      my wife and I carried this Afrikan Passion in an Afrikan fashion
      all the while master jam blastin' the enemy in his cold blue eyes
      yeah I hear his cries
      but do you hear the rythym of the heartbeat of as a Haitian child dies
      thus I express disgust as I bust
      and this lion won't sleep tonight
      cuz' that ish just ain't right
      and I got a wish on a star tonight
      and I promise to kill a quasar tonight
      wish I may wish I might free my people aight!
    3. Cipherkam
      Now That’s Heavy!

      The tradition of the dogon tribe in Mali Africa states that…
      We were visited thousands of years ago by the Nommos.
      Extra Terra Astral beings that taught us of the star constellation Orion and the stars Sirius a, b and C.

      Now why is this even important to you?
      Because the dogons believe that Sirius is where your soul goes after you die.
      Now aren’t you concerned with your afterlife?
      Or are you only concerned with the masters life?
      The preacher or the pastors wife?

      See the dogons new the existence of these stars
      Without a telescope or satellite.

      It took the European until recently to create a satellite so they can see partially
      What these so-called savages could always see.
      Now that’s heavy.

      One teaspoon of Sirius b is so dense that it weighs 5 tons
      The earth weighs 6 sex tillion tons while it revolves around the sun.
      Now that’s heavy.

      How heavy? Heavier than Shirley from what’s happenin
      Ruben from Amerikkan Idol, Big Pun and Re Run.
      Heavier than those chicks from 2 tons of fun
      Now that’s heavy.

      I don’t mean to make light of this, but for what it’s worth
      Sirius is only 8.6 light years from earth.
      The black man was vibrating on a high frequency having interplanetary conferences with extraterrestrial beings.
      We were seeing to it that the universe was balanced.
      Now, we slinging crack, doing Step N Fetch it rap
      And black on black violence.

      Now That’s heavy.

      Glorifiying techs, ghettos and projects, trapping our lovers for sex
      Breakin Egyptian toranic biblical and koranic laws.
      Fighting the enemies wars on someone elses shores
      While on politics economics and education we are mute
      Heavier than the land that you sittin in was once inhabited by Indians
      Now that’s heavy.

      In Africa we got diamond mines and no diamonds
      Bling bling
      In America we got diamonds and no diamond mines
      Bling bling
      Now that’s heavy.
      © 2004 Kamal Imani
    4. Majadi
      Cipherkam that is so much love, so much Afrikan power!
    5. Jacuma
      The Torch

      Mumia, Odinga, Assata Shakur
      carriers of the torch
      need I say more?

      Malcolm, Betty, Mandela and King
      all of these elders
      shared the same thing

      Harriet, Lumumba, Marcus, Machel
      they carried this torch
      and caught plenty of hell

      Kwame, Biko, Huey and Pratt
      warriors in our lifetime
      theres no disputing that

      Medger, Nzinga, Nehanda, Khallid
      they raised up this torch
      for there was a need

      can't forget those martyred
      and those not named
      who carried this torch
      without any shame

      so forward to freedom
      is the rallying cry

      will you carry this torch
      till the day that you die?

      The Torch
    6. Majadi
      I'm carrying the torch Jacuma, Hell I might burn Amerikka with it!
    7. Sourakhata
      Sharpening My Analysis

      Sitting on a park bench
      Listening soulful music
      My mind’s full of wanderings
      My ears vibrating
      Purple Haze stimulating my synapsis
      Touring Electric Ladyland
      Colorful like a Band of Gypsis
      Got nowhere to go,nowhere to land(Oh my baby)
      Perpetually sharpening my analysis
      Of the World and what surrounds
      All I can see is vision blurred,
      I’m lost and can’t be found

      Be proud and say it loud
      That you’re the Offsprings
      Of Aksu,Memphis
      And All-Mighty Isis

      But me I’m not blind like Steve
      ‘Got enough of that TV
      The Stars Spangled Banner
      Driving me crazy
      They’re arrogant,poisonous
      All along their watchtowers
      They’re no longer relevant
      Their lights are not warm
      Mermaids’ incantation,however
      We ain’t gonna fall in their arms
      And if the six turn to nine
      If the weak turn to strong
      It won’t be long wait and see
      How things gonna be
      Empowerment to the last degree
      We’re all looking forward for
      The betterment of
      Our dear Continent
      Embodying patience like Mandela
      Glorious son of Makeda

      Be proud and say it loud
      That you’re the Offsprings
      Of Aksoum,Memphis
      And All-Mighty Isis
      Constantly sharpening my analysis
      Of the world n’what surrounds
      I’m lost but won’t stay unfound
    8. Sourakhata
      Just one more I'd like to share...

      The Plague

      You reap what you sow
      Don’t you see?
      You reap what you sow
      Don’t you see?
      We rape the earth, the sky
      And the sea
      Ask yourself why?
      The truth is, this
      System is a plague
      This system is a plague
      This system is a plague

      We consume and we pollute
      Nature’s resources we loot
      We buy, we sell
      Supply, demand
      Is that Modern Times
      Or Modern Hell?
      On mankind we’ve
      Cast a bad spell
      Masses kept ignorant
      To be better fooled
      Oil,fuel,long-thought plan
      Exploitation of Man by Man
      Soil,ad,Stock Exchange
      What you’re waiting boy
      To call for a change?
      What you’re waiting girl
      To break your chains?

      A plague rotting away
      Our ecosystem in the worst way
      Million-year-old evolution
      Being greedily destroyed
      In few generations
      Pay attention and ask yourself who is to blame
      Nothing else but the system
      Oh what a bloody shame!
      For our children, forthcoming generations
      We strip the nourishing Earth
      For few filthy rich bastards
      Who worship All-Mighty currency
      We got to stem their power
      ‘Cuz the system they lead is a plague

      Some are belly full
      Others are desperately in need
      Some spoil hundred liter a day
      While others can’t hardly quench their thirst
      Boy clench your fist if you’re sick to live that way
      Expanse of water intoxicated
      By the extensive exploitation
      Of whatever may expand wealth
      We’re exhausted n’ exasperated

      Of that plague which exceedingly
      Ruins n’ reduces our existences
      Climatic disturbances will
      Reach its climax when the Elements
      Will break furiously over us
      The moment has come to lower
      Our self-centered,selfish,sour
      Spoil of our resources
      For what purposes?
      Only to multiply
      ‘Til the day our planet dies
      This is for my brothers n’ sisters
      Who smile n’ cry at the same time
      My brothers n’ sisters who live
      N’ die at the same time
    9. Lyonezz
      Hi Comrades,
      I would like to introduce myself ....Lyonezz. I am new to the forum.... but would like to share on of my pieces.......

      Joyce Marie Brown

      Let’s examine the thought of this system designed to help the poor.
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      When you think about the words the designers choose it seems rotten to the core
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      Two words joined together a new word is formed oou
      The insidious idea that everything is well and fair sounds too good to be true
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      Or could that well the kind you drown in?
      And the fare the price you pay to be sent to hell?
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      If you turn the word around then Farewell says Goodbye
      To a class of people these designers intended to fry
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      We live in a society that likes to organize things….
      Races, classes, sexes and then
      Once these designers of the Welfare system have organized the people
      Everybody has a role…
      Now these designers are in complete control…
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      When I look at this system of Welfare
      I experience a sense of a system designed not to care
      If I live….and was designed for me to die
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      When I think of a well I see a dark circle and wells have a tendency to run deep
      While I'm supposed to think everything is well, the designers are planning while I sleep
      (Welfare or Farewell)
      And this circle is like a catch 22
      The route these designers choose for me to do
      How much we can earn in a lifetime of squalor
      Who we can meet
      Who we should follow
      Where we can go and
      Where we will live
      Boy these designers really wanted to give…
      Us the boot…
      (Welfare or Farewell)

      ©April 2001
    10. Langalibalele
      by I. Langalibalele

      Imperialism is the enemy.
      It's that simple.
      For people who can’t think straight: The GOVERNMENT!
      For those who can’t think slick: The CORPORATIONS!
      IMPERIALISM: It’s not butter…IT'S THE ENEMY!!!
      War is obsolete. Militarism is Obsolete.
      In plain language, war and armies don't work anymore.
      They are useless. The World doesn’t need them.
      The World doesn’t need warmongers, either.
      Why is warfare obsolete? You need me to tell you?
      America couldn’t beat Korea, Vietnam, Irak or Afghanistan.

      The greatest military power in history couldn’t defeat Korea and
      Vietnam’s broke ass rice niggers and some more broke ass rock niggers
      in Afghanistan with rags wrapped around they heads throwing stones at
      women, and bomb-strapped sand niggers in Irak! America dint jump them
      all at the same time, mind you, one at a goddamn time! And America sucker
      punched em all! SUCKER PUNCHED EM!!! Ain't that a bitch.
      How the hell does Superman, the existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche’s
      white beast, sucker punch a crippled sick man,
      and get his ass whupped? EVERYTIME!
      Nose bloodied, teeth loosened, head busted, nuts kicked.

      The white man is a racist pig who thinks everybody everywhere is like
      his niggers here, ready to bend over and take it endlessly for
      Imperialism! HAY YO THAT AINT ME. Not for one nuffin moment. I won’t
      own it under his umbrella when the nuclear rain begins to fall, because
      he precipitated it all. Now dinks and rag heads have atom bombs, and the
      cracker caint buy em up fast enuf to protect his ass.
      Imperialism can no longer achieve its goals thru military empire-building.

      A Roman-style empire cannot be achieved in the modern world by adding
      direct colonies. Why doesn’t Poindexter kno that? He don’t
      kno diddley squat when it comes to that.
      Afro-Americans scaid to teach him.
      He barely has the capacity to learn from his past mistakes.
      Otherwise, Johnson would have never got America involved in Vietnam
      after Ike lost in Korea. Oh, some of y’all think America won in Korea.
      Better get a damn ass grip.

      Some beg to differ. They may posit that America doesn't need
      to win, that it is not trying to win in Irak, that winning is not the strategy,
      It only needs to defend its assets there. What!?

      But you're right. It’s a paradox.
      So as long as there are troops enuf to allow the neo-colonial
      government to function, and long as the troops can also protect
      American oil extraction, which allows US corporations to get paid a
      king's ransom everyday, at the sacrifice of Iraki lives and the
      lives of those military recruits, money which finds its way back
      into the pockets of the war’s architects, Imperialism has already won.
      The ruling class remains unscathed and
      the working masses in a pool of blood, bathed.
      We need a paradigm shift, as the eggheads say.

      And America ain’t holding nothing down, America ain’t winning, America just
      maintaining, until the Taliban and Al Qaida - which the CIA put
      together - start getting money from the Russians, who want
      revenge for the way America backed the enemies of the Soviets in
      the first place. Then all hell is gonna break loose. Mark my words.

      You think your little Saturday afternoon struts in front of the
      military recruitment office gonna make a difference? The military
      aint the problem, The POLITICIANS ARE THE PROBLEM!
      The political process answers all military questions.
      Anything pertaining to the military budgetz size, how many
      troops it can train or deploy, how fast it can deploy them, what
      equipment and weapons and supplies it has at its disposal, and when
      and where it will fight or assist people, etc., etc., are political
      questions. The political process can liquidate the military, if it
      has sufficient will. IF YOU AINT TRYIN TO END
      IMPERIALISM, don’t tell me you are anti-war.
      If you are not against COLONIALISM, you cannot be against war.
      America needs a major policy shift to end IMPERIALISM.
      America needs REGIME CHANGE.

      Hell, two days after the Sean Bell verdict, pigs everywhere whupping
      niggers asses across America. That’s breaking wild. Electric glide.
      War which nobody recognizes. That’s a bloody war
      where America always wins since niggers dont fight back.
      Yeah, bring the war home. Bring some of those M-16s and AK-47s back to
      the Ghetto, if ya don’t shoot yaself first. Get some of those TOWs.
      Fire up some police cars. Some
      police stations. Yeah. I sed it. Me alone.

      You worried bout Obama and he aint worried about
      you. What’d he say bout Sean Bell?

      Yakkin nuffin crap bout the white man’s psychology, his religious make up,
      who sed what on CNN, how that Imus had the nerve, was Britney wearin
      panties, they don’t like Rev. Wright, what’d he say anyhoo…
      Keep talkin bout 500 years ago, what Willie Lynch spit, who Sally
      Hemming slept with, Abe Lincoln wuz black, Birth of a Nation, that
      was wrong what they done to Garvey, and why our communities went bust…

      If you can identify IMPERIALISM in all its forms,
      if you can organize against it, we can win.
      Won’t no damn ass racist uncle tom and
      cracker pigs be whuppin on our heads anymore.
      and that will halt a couple of wars.
      You SCARED? Then how you gonna make a change?
      Read this again from the top, maybe
      you'll get some inner standing,
      or a pair of balls.

      INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CAPITALISM is the fusion of industry
      with banking. It is a worldwide system of political and economic
      control where the military solution has become increasingly obsolete.
      Militarism has become so outdated that even the most advanced weapons
      systems have failed to defeat simple uprisings by even the poorest
      populations determined to fight a protracted war. You cannot win,
      America. You cannot sell us on your war. The old societies refuse to
      be bowed. Eventually, they will bankrupt and break this political
      system. It will collapse. What will become of its willing slaves?
      Rev. Wright only told part of the story. The chickens have come home
      to roost. But when they all return to roost, the coop cannot hold
      them all. What then, America, what then?

      Malcolm X sed they coming home to roost.
      One thing he dint let you bootlickers kno
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