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    Trayvon Martin RIP Never Again Yo!

    1. Cipherkam
      "Never Again Yo" is a tribute to the murder of Trayvon Martin in particular and all innocent victims of crime, police brutality, injustice and war! This is hot spoken word-hip hop poetry with a seriously hot beat!

      Never Again Yo!

      Yo, My Blood is boiling yo
      Cause they keep shooting down our babies and they let the murderers go

      But when a football player hurts a dog he goes to jail
      It looks like we can no longer let this system fail us!

      So this time around

      They’ll be no witness tampering
      No Scapegoating
      No Fabrication of Evidence
      No sprinkling a little crack on the victim
      No District Attorney’s bowing down
      No Judges being bought
      No so-called friends on the television…telling lies to your vision
      There will be
      No unanimous decision
      From a jury of so-called peers
      No changing of venues to racist towns

      This time around
      We the people
      Won’t be caught up in mass deception
      For this time
      We’ll be putting it down

      Allowing our souls to ascend
      Remembering all of the previous Trayvon Martins
      We say “Never Again”!

      Never again will we be undecided
      Confused or divided
      The Muslims, Jews and Christians
      Bloods, Crips and El Rukins
      Blue collar and white collar
      Will be united
      The lightskin with the darkskin
      The rich with the poor
      Because if we haven’t learned anything else
      We now know one thing for sure
      That we are one!
      The people of the sun
      And we’ll fire upon Babylon
      With the truth of our tongues
      Our enemies might start the fight
      But we’ll be the victors in the end
      Cause we’ve come a long way baby
      Now we say Never Again!

      They’ll be no blaming our President
      No hiding behind the blue wall of silence
      No Appeal for calm and non violence

      We will use every resource that we got
      Starting with a nationwide boycott
      They’ll be no new suits for Easter
      No turkeys for thanksgiving
      No Christmas
      We’ll do Kwanzaa
      They’ll be no scratching where we don’t itch
      No status quo
      No business as usual
      Antagonist heads will role
      Our holocaust must end
      And to that end
      We’ll say
      Never again!

      Kamal Supreme
      Red Black and Green!

      This style is revolutionaryart!

      Bless The Mic!

      Download on Bandcamp!
      On CDbaby and Itunes 4/7/12

      Never Again Yo! © 2012 Kamal Imani (T.Oats)
      Never Again Yo! | Kamal Imani
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