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    It is time that we begin to do for ourselves,

    1. Iniko
      Let's begin a discussion on how to medically take care of ourselves.
      We need to develop our asthma clinics,
      We need to develop our diabetic clinics.
      We need to begin a campaign that will introduce healthy eating to our people nation wide
      Now none of this will be easy but by putting our heads together I am fully confident that we can.

      Get back at me,.... Em Hotep
    2. BekaShakur
      Still down 2 do this?
    3. Otelemuyen
      Here's a little present for us all:

      The basics for living healthy is eating healthy; elementary science indicates that we consume 3 main balanced diets everyday and intake at-least 3pints of fresh water throughout the 24hours.

      A balanced diet contains 5 main constitutes:
      1. Carbohydrates
      2. Proteins
      3. Vitamins
      4. Salts
      5. Fats and Oils

      Here i would like to include that one should try to refrain from the use of chemically formulated drugs although this option can be used as a substituted option and not the sum-mum bonum. The best option would be natural remedies for the minor illnesses to keep the body in tiptop form.
    4. Rainn
      I am in agreement with eating healthy, putting the right things into our bodies and saying NO, to prescription drugs....our bodies are made for, Herbs not Drugs. They tried to remove my organs during a heavy bleed, but I took control of my body and gave it the herbs and nutrition it needed, today I am 100% healed. Remember they are "practitioners" listen to what they have to say about your issue, then you attack it by eating healthy.

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