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    Traditional Afrikan Spirituality

    1. Im The Truth
      Im The Truth
      Ase, Ase, Ase-Ooooooo!
      Oni Oni Warrior asante sana
    3. La Bella Afrique
      La Bella Afrique
      Liti em hotep
    4. Jamila
      Hotep Uhuru Warriors! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing. Peace
    5. Im The Truth
      Im The Truth
      Ona tutu!!!!! May our paths be cool. May our paths be cool and not filled with angry, trouble, drama, etc. May our paths be cool.
    6. I_ziz
      Blesid Love and Guidance

      Humbly joining this group to learn and tread in the footsteps of the Incients.

    7. I_ziz
      Does anyone have any linx or reading material they can reccomend?
      Give tanx
    8. Enderase Epa
      Enderase Epa
      Hey, Family just wanted to share and discuss traditional Kemetic values and where we should be headed, and always good reading material.
    9. 1VOICE
      Blessings to you all and strength for the journey

      I am joining this group that i can continue to grow spiritually, and be in contact with strong like-minded people. Just as iron sharpens iron.......
    10. Nyjeri
      Peace my people, I've joined and am wondering if the group is active? Thank you for any assist. offered. Hotep.
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      Assata Shakur Speaks is an Forum Devoted To Assata Shakur And All Political Prisoners Around The World.
      Assata Shakur Speaks Is An Oasis Of Pan African Information Geared Towards The Liberation Of Afrikan People.

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