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      Pressure Point Fighting (Even works for kids)

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      the 5 striking points are eyes, ears, nose, throat, and knees.

      Make a strike to the eyes with all fingers extended so you won't be likely to miss.

      Box the ears with the hands cupped. It can actually blow their eyes out of socket and if done with enough force, cause a temporal hemorrhage and death.

      Strike the nose with the heel of your hand in an upward angle. If done with enought force it can drive the nose bone into the brain and cause death.

      Strike the throat with the knuckles of your fingers. Nobody can continue a fight without breathing. If done with enough force it can crush the esophagus and cause death.

      Kick the front of the knee. It only takes 20 lbs of pressure to break a knee backwards. This results in a permanant injury. They cannot stand and contiue the fight. A 6 year old can kick with 20 lbs of pressure.


      What is pressure points strikes? Most of us are aware that some parts of the body are more vulnerable to damage than others. Some people refer to these vulnerable parts as pressure points or vital points. In Karate term, they are called kyusho points and kyusho jutsu is the art of striking or manipulating pressure points. Karate Shotokan kata contain many secret techniques that teach us pressure points strikes.

      I'm not going to discuss human pressure points in general but I'll focus on how to knockout, control or restrain a person by striking his kyusho points, through proper Karate bunkai. There are 3 categories of effects that can be achieved by pressure points strikes:

      1. To knockout a person - this is quite obvious although the results may vary from temporary unconsciousness, comatose to death.

      2. To control a person - you may want to strike a person so that he release you, stop attacking you, lose his sights or balance or expose his more vulnerable point (a setup strike).

      3. To restrain a person - sometimes you do not want to cause any permanent damage or serious injuries to a person. You may then use pressure points strikes to immobilize a person, cause him to temporarily lose control of his limbs or to pin him down.


      Pressure points strikes are very effective for street fighting, and they level the odds when you are facing bigger, stronger, or faster opponents in a hostile situation. Here are some of the most common pressure points strikes for the purposes described above:

      1. To knockout a person - strike with your punch, palm-heel, hammer-fist or forearm on his Stomach 5 point (lower jaw of the mouth), or if you are at his back, strike the Gall Bladder 20 point (behind the head on the bottom hollow part). Strike up and 45% inwards.

      2. To control a person - attack with middle-knuckle fists or both thumbs on both his Triple Warmer 17 points (behind the ear on the bottom hollow part). Strike horizontally inwards then 45% upwards. Slam your forearm 90% straight down his Lung 5 point (one inch below crease of elbow) on either one of his arm. This would weaken his legs and make him stick out his head, so that you may strike his Stomach 5 point if you want to knock him out.

      3. To restrain a person - hold your opponent's arm and rub with your knuckles or forearm on his Triple Warmer 11 point (slightly above the elbow joint), the pain will keep him from moving or using his arm. Use your knife-hand, hammer-fist, or forearm to strike 45% downwards his Triple Warmer 12 point (middle of the arm on the hollow triceps muscle). This will bring him on his knees and immobilize his arm.

      I find that pressure points strikes are very much an essential part of Karate bunkai as shown in many Karate Shotokan kata, provided you know how to interpret them accurately. Many Karate bunkai contain kyusho points striking techniques. But you should never rely on kyusho jutsu exclusively.

      The bunkai in the trilogy of Naihanchi or Tekki kata contain lots of pressure points fighting techniques. There is no need to rely on raw strength or brute force if you can strike certain vital Karate pressure points which will help you end a fight quickly or force a compliance. But there are lots of controversies surrounding the use of pressure points fighting and many doubt their effectiveness in a real fight. Most of them are due to ignorance or lack of understanding in the proper use of Karate pressure points.

      To me, there are a few "rules" when attempting any pressure points fighting techniques:

      1. Distract your opponent first - this is to ensure that you have sufficient time to hit the Karate pressure points accurately without too much movement or resistance from your opponent.

      2. Use Tai-sabaki and Ashi-sabaki - use your body and feet to move away from his optimal striking range (his centerline) to ensure that you are at the safest position to apply any pressure points fighting techniques. Moving 45 degree into his left or right side is one way.

      3. Do not rely upon any one technique or blow to win the fight - learn all the major Karate pressure points on every part of the human body so that you can switch to another target should the initial strike failed to bring about the desired effect. If a less than desired effect is achieved, such as your opponent being stunned but not KO, keep moving and strike other Karate pressure points.

      Look at the pictures above which illustrate some good pressure points fighting techniques.

      Pressure points fighting is not magic and some degree of training is required in order for us to apply them effectively. But they are not difficult to apply in real combat, even for a person with no martial arts training. So it is suitable as woman self defense technique and for law enforcement officers who need to apply control techniques. I highly recommend any Karate class that teaches self defense for woman to include some pressure points fighting techniques in their syllabus. But you must be careful when selecting a teacher. Make sure he can demonstrate good knowledge of Karate pressure points and how to attack them. Be wary of "no touch KO" and "delay death touch" techniques, I leave it to your common sense to judge whether they work or not. Bear in mind that although there are many pressure points on the human body, traditionally only 30 or so were considered to be useful in combat. This cuts down the number of techniques you need to train and remember, enabling faster action in real combat. Go to my Human Pressure Points page to view some of these points.

      The effectiveness of pressure points fighting in real combat was proven when police officers in Missouri used Karate pressure points to cut down the average length of time spent struggling to control a suspect to only 10 seconds, expended less energy and maintained lower heart rates compared to instances when they used a random selection of control techniques. Policewomen use them as effective woman self defense technique when attempting to restrain violent or resisting male suspects.

      Similarly, you can use pressure points fighting to force compliance on your opponent and avoid running afoul of the law or facing legal liabilities thereafter. It's much better compared to using more "damaging" techniques such as breaking the joints or limbs of someone, or worse, striking a fatal blow. There is no need to deliver hard blows or many blows to win a fight, just target the vital points on your opponent's body to shutdown his CNS (Central Nervous System) and he will be neutralized.

      Books to get started
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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      this is some valuable information.....thank you for sharing

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      A good thread to revisit...

      As a word of caution Pressure point fighting techniques aren't to joke around with, you should seek a qualified instructor to help you find correct application and method.

      There's no substitute for true training...get into a training hall and make the most of what you learn no matter the Discipline or Lineage so long as it is legit. Even if it's just taking self defense coarses at your local YMCA get involved and get prepared. More to follow!
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