Revolutionary Greetings Warriors

With this latest upgrade we have many new features that are available to ALL Of OUR MEMBERS.

1. You can browse the forum while invisible to other Members.

To do so go to "Edit Options" in your control panel. The option to use Invisible Mode is at the top of the page. Put a check mark in that box and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

2. You can use the private messaging system to contact friends or other members.

3. View Who's Online

To use this option click on the link the says "Online Users" to locate a member or to see where everyone is located.

4. Add Links To The "Holla Black" when you do your shout outs.

5. The ability to select from a vast array of Afrikan centered avatars and custom made smilies.

6. The ability to change your e-mail address, avatar, create polls, add, edit and delete your posts.

7. Access Subscribed Threads, list subscriptions, edit folders, schedule event reminders, create buddy and ignore lists, manage file attachments, etc.

We also have a chain of command structure in place it is as followed:

Premium Members

You become a "Premium Member" once you activate your membership via e-mail

You become a "Warrior" after about 30 posts or if you have been a long time supporter.

You can become a "Moderator" as an opening develops and after an expressed desire from you to become a Moderator, to any Moderator or Administrator on the forum.

The request will be reviewed by the administrators who have absolute veto power on the Moderator selection.

The Administrators must approve of any Moderator who seeks to become a administrator, also administrators can vote in or out other administrators.

We seek to be fair and just in the implementation of this process, its new to us all but applied properly it will work. Up until now I have did most of the selecting and if left up to me almost everyone would be an administrator lol but that wouldn’t work.

Anyway please continue to raise our People’s consciousness, our efforts have already touched thousands, and we are headed for millions on behalf of the Warriors here I want to say ASANTE SANA!!! Come On Lets Get Free!!!