Some Feature that come along and make this ibProArcade outstanding:

* Styles
* Custom Game Sorting
* Game Ratings
Members can rate each Game
* Arcade UserCP
each user can set his own preferences for the Arcade: game sorting, games/scores per page, notifications, Skin, default category
* Arcade ModCP
an Adcade-Moderator can take care of scores, tournaments, comments etc.
* Tournaments
you can create Tournaments via AdminCP or Arcade-ModCP with either 2, 4 or 8 participants
Users can create Tournaments with open slots other players can join in
Creation of Tournaments is based on Usergroup and User-Permissions
Each Game can be set to be selectable for Tournaments or not
* Categories
you can create categories for the games, e.g. genre
categories can be protected with a password and/or restricted to certain usergroups
* advanced Game Statistics
we will upload chess and checkers shortly for those of you like myself who prefer those games, over these... either way enjoy... did I mention Im the high scorer?