We are pleased to announce Share This Social Bookmarking on Assata!

1. Share This social bookmarking: Share This is a free social networking script tool that enables users to add your site to the top 20 social bookmarking sites, send e-mails & SMS to friends about your site, and post to networking sites like MySpace & Facebook. Also, it provides free tracking & reporting so you’ll know how well your site is being shared, automatic updates with new features, and a JS API to customize its display. It’s similar to AddThis, but provides more features and a better user interface.

2. 5 search fields & links: In the “Search” drop-down menu, this mod adds 2 search fields (“Search Members” & “Search Social Groups”) and 3 search links – Advanced Member Search, Advanced Group Search, and Who’s Online.

3. Highlighting of Notifications: This mod will highlight the Notifications area in the navbar and the Notifications links in its drop-down menu when the user receives: friend or social group requests; private messages, visitor messages, or picture comments that are unread; visitor messages, picture comments, or social group messages that are awaiting approval.

ShareThis Social Bookmarking