The herb Sweet Wormwood, also known as Qinghaosu in Chinese, is one of approximately 300 species of the family botanically known as Artemisia. Most are very similar in appearance. The Wormwood plant is a bushy, silvery leaved herb that is quite pretty. Its fragrance is pungent, and it has a bitter taste. It is important to know that it is ONLY Artemisia annua that contains the compound Artemisinin, an antimalarial agent.
If you are planning a trip where malaria is known to exist, it is an excellent idea to purchase a supply of Sweet Wormwood in liquid form to bring with you. Visit your local herb store, or health food shop. They usually stock liquid herbal remedies that are sold in two ounce bottles. If you are unable to find Sweet Wormwood in this form locally, the internet is an excellent source for fresh, high quality herbal products. You could visit a Chinese herbalist who can prepare separate sachets of Sweet Wormwood for you, but such packages may be confiscated, as they appear suspicious. They are also bulky and take up room in your luggage. Hence, the liquid form is portable and convenient. You simply add the amount of drops recommended on the label into a glass of water, and drink it.
Once you have ascertained that the country you wish to travel to have experienced outbreaks of malaria, you can begin to take some preventative measures to ensure that you remain in optimum health during your visit. Begin taking Sweet Wormwood approximately five days prior to your departure with water as directed by the manufacturer. You may continue the dosage whilst you are traveling, but not for a period of time longer than 30 days. It is also important to avoid mosquito and other insect bites when traveling in areas where malaria is found. There are many types of insect repellant available, and using one is highly recommended. Wearing sunscreen is also recommended. Sleep with netting to protect yourself from insects, if you are staying anywhere with open windows. Drinking bottled water is also an excellent idea.
Avoid locations that are swampy or where there are pools of stagnant water. Mosquitoes breed in these locations, so steer clear of them if you can. Taking vitamin supplements is a good idea as well, to boost your immune system. Stay well hydrated and give yourself ample rest periods.

Sweet wormwood protects against Malaria Sweet WormWood