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Welcome Back Brother Moorbey to GenXTalksUrNews Time: December 14, 2009 from 6pm to 6:45pm
Location: Call In Number (914) 338-0893
Organized By: Truth

Event Description:

Welcome Back Brother Moorbey (Owner & Creator of the sites Black Unity and Assata) to GenXTalksUrNews!!! I could not begin to explain all of the great works of Brother Moorbey... Have you ever met anyone that immediately leaves an indelible print on your being/existence? Some would say that it would be an “impossibility”, especially since this meeting never occurred in the flesh... Miracles are things that “we”, as humans, can and/or will never be able to fully understand. However, they exist. Brother Moorbey’s influence is the spread of “Knowledge”.

GenXTalksUrNews, previous show discussed the structure of the modern day family in the 20th century. Let’s once again sit around the table of “meaningful discussion,” as we open up the positive flow of the ancestors. (i.e. 20th Century Family-Part 2, Black Unity, Assata, Issues within the Community, Political Prisoners...)

Check out Brother Moorbey’s sites below:

Black Unity - All Things Afrikan

Assata Shakur Ning - Hands Off Assata

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