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Look, why would you come up in here with something from the main arm of imperialism media--the New York times? Don't you think there are enough "Jahness" spreading propaganda against the Zimbabwean liberation movement?

If there is a more clear piece of propaganda drivel than this, I've never read it.

Can't you recognize even the most amaturist propaganda from real news?

Let me give you a hint. Propaganda is rife with adjectives such as "Jackbooted", "henchmen" and ad hominies such as "singing hyms"

If you are going to keep up with this while pretending the be for liberation of poor people why don't you be at least a little more balanced about it when you post

Post something from here sometimes.

I know it's hard finding views from the other side but it's out there

You're not in Zimbabwe so you don't really know what's going on, but if you are going to get in the game, be balanced or quit pretending.