I don't know what I have to say sounds foolish or wise, intelligent or dumb but it is my introduction.

I'm mj, work for the Dutch government and I'm predominately human, androgen charactered (50% male 50% female) and 100% indifferent attitude and interest (no particular female or male interests).

Last year me and a small team (12 persons) launched the site http://NubianGoddessPromotions.com to promote the Nubian Goddesses in all aspects of society. The forum is free for anyone who admires Divine Black Women. It are only the Nubian Goddesses who can free advertise and promote themselves.

I've watched the documentary of Ms Assata Shakur and would like to invite her to subscribe to our site and help her promote her story.

What I do not promote are stories aiming towards (racial) hate, because hate is a lower form of fear and terror. The ultimate warrior has to leave Phobos and Deimos behind to win the final battle.