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    Thread: Kemetian Hekau

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      Aung sucha Ba Ra=Life come forth Universal Spirit of Ra Universal God
      Nuk apu Ab Maat.=I open my heart to truth and righteousness
      Nuk mesu Ra= I am a child of Ra (cosmic conciousness)
      Nuk Ba an Khat an Ren = I am spirit, not a physical body or a personality

      Nuk pu NETER
      Ba ar pet sat ar ta
      Nuk uab-k uab ka-k uab ba-k uab sekhem
      Nuk ast au neheh ertai nef tetta
      Sekhem a em mu ma aua Set
      Rex - a em Ab- a sekhem - a em hati- a
      Un -na uat neb am pet am ta
      Nuk sah em ba- f
      I am the Supreme Divinity
      Soul if of heaven,body belongs to the earth
      My mind has pure thoughts,so my soul and life forces are pure
      Behold I am the heir of eternity,everlastingess has been given to me
      I have gained power in the water as I conquered Set (greed,lust,ignorance)
      I know my heart, I have gained power over my heart
      The power is within me to open all doors in heaven and earth
      I am a spirit with my soul
      Ahoofe ntua ka, suban pa na hia- physical beauty does not count much, it is good character that counts.
      See a black man dead, from a white man's powder
      See a white man scared, from a black man's power~Timbaland

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      Ausar Auset Society makes wonderful tapes of Hekau, that are set to traditional music and used for meditation and spiritual purposes. I have owned Sebek, Auset, Maat and Heru Khuti, they accelerated my meditation work drastically. I have also used them in other ways to great success.
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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