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      Unity in Kemetic Wisdom

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      *This is pretty lengthy and I haven't read all of it yet but I thought I'd share it because who knows when I'll finish reading it* Enjoy!

      Unity in Kemetic Wisdom

      Kemetic teachings stress the reality that there is only one Creator. All that we consider life and existence are a result of the actions of the Creator. Everything is a manifestation of the will of the one Creator. The Creator is the one true NTR (pronounced necher). The title of NTR is commonly mistranslated to mean God by Egyptologists, historians, and others trained by the culture of the European worldview. A more correct definition of the term NTR would be essential activating presence of the Creator within every and all aspects of existence. The intent of the NTR determines the growth and purpose of all life. This is acknowledging that the Creator is within all life and that the Creator’s presence is the force that drives every part of life to do the things it does. This is analogous to the spiritual concepts of traditional Native American teachings. Modern day European trained scientists examine the cells and atoms of everything to find a reason for life. They look for the origin of life by examining the physical properties of life. Their favorite methods are to cut off a piece (called a sample) of an organism or kill the organism in its entirety then subject it to a series of tests. The life force of the organism is never present when European scientists perform their examination. Neither method is capable of discerning the life processes of the organism from the Kemetic perspective. Kemetic teachings inform us that cells and atoms receive impulses on a sub-atomic level that directs them to operate, move, and grow in certain ways that manifests in the life forms seen under microscopes. These impulses are the province of the NTRW (plural for NTR). The NTR is the governor of the reproductive process. As an example, most plants are fertilized to reproduce with the help of birds and insects. These animals help in the reproductive process but do nothing to change the resultant offspring of the plants. The result of a fertilized plant seed is another plant not a combination plant and insect or bird. Cells and atoms follow the will of the NTR. The will of the NTR sets the parameters for all life.

      The goal of education in the Temples of KMT was to teach all students how to become aware of and internalize the aspects of the one true NTR present in all life. This could only be accomplished to the extent that students developed their abilities and capacities by sensitizing themselves to the presence of the NTR in all life. Just as people have different sensitivities in using their five senses of taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight we all have different sensitivities in detecting the NTRW in life. This is one reason for the multiplicity of NTRW in Kemetic teachings. There is a basic foundation of NTRW for all life that everyone must know. However, everyone has an area of specialization. They will give more energy to the NTR of that area of specialization or sensitivity. For example, a musician will seek to develop a relationship with the NTR of sound vibrations; an athlete will seek to develop a relationship with the NTR of muscles and coordination; a mathematician will seek to develop a relationship with the NTR of mental cognition and reasoning.

      The second reason for the multitude of NTRW is a consequence of the Creator manifesting itself in harmony with the environmental conditions of each area of KMT and the world at-large. In those areas of KMT that had an abundance of fertile, arable land for farming the NTRW connected with growing crops were most important. In those areas of KMT with large mineral resources the NTRW of the minerals and the mining process were the most important. The animals and plants that live and thrive in a farming area are functionally and physically different from the animals and plants that live in a mining area. Even people who live in these two areas develop different personality traits and goals in response to their environment, job, and lifestyle. These variations are seen as the manifestation of different aspects of the one true NTR. The process of helping everyone become aware of the presence of the NTRW creates an acceptance, respect, and understanding of the variety of life in all its forms. It would be an overstatement to say that everyone in KMT always got along and that love and respect was a constant throughout everybody’s life. The historical record tells us that conflict and the resolution of conflict were a recurring part of life in KMT. It is important to know that the ideals and goals of Kemetic education were centered in the attempt to understand the fullness of the NTR to the best of your ability. The story of life’s creation, as told by the priests of KMT, can be understood on several different levels through the use of metaphor. All of them serve to reveal deeper meanings of the NTRW from a practical and scientific perspective. Understanding the concept of the NTR necessitates examining existence from a metaphysical aspect as well. All this can be gleaned from an analysis of the Kemetic creation story.

      There were four major Temple systems in KMT that have left intact records of the creation stories. Each Temple in KMT told the story of creation in a way that fit their lifestyle, environment, and understanding. The Temple of Iunu (Heliopolis) was dedicated to Atum, The Temple of Khemenu (Hermopolis) was dedicated to Tehuti, the Temple of Waset (Thebes) was dedicated to Amun, and the Temple of Mem-nefer (Memphis) was dedicated to Ptah. There were many elements of the story common to all of KMT for its entire 4,000 plus year history. The most popular version was the one taught by the priests of the Temple at Iunu. In summary the story is: ‘Before the beginning of time and space all was Chaos, an unformed, undifferentiated mass they called Nun. In order to perceive itself Atum, the creator, had to differentiate itself from Nun. Atum then manifested itself as a mound of land in the chaotic, waterlike mass of Nun. Next Atum created air in the form of the twins Shu and Tefnut. The union of Shu and Tefnut created heaven, Nut, and earth, Geb. Shu, Tefnut, Nut, and Geb are NTRW with cosmic qualities. Nut and Geb united and created four children, Ausar (Osiris), Auset (Isis), Set, and Nebt-Het (Nephthys). These four children of Nut and Geb are the NTRW who have dominion over the Earth.’

      People who read this story often misunderstand it by placing too much emphasis on the names of the NTRW. The names refer to the internal qualities of the elements made by Atum. I will repeat the story giving equal weight to the qualities and NTRW. This will reveal how metaphor was used to help understand the deeper meanings and memorize the story. ‘The Creator of all life existed as part of an inconceivable, undifferentiated realm known as Nun. In order to show that it was unique the Creator manifested itself as a mound of land known as Atum. This is another way of saying that something with a form that was different from the all-encompassing mass came into being. Next the Creator made air or atmosphere which has two qualities, light and moisture. These two qualities are called Shu and Tefnut respectively. The creation of the air provided a barrier around the entirety of the land. All land was now separate from the undifferentiated mass. This separation created the sky (heaven) and the earth as two distinct entities, Nut and Geb respectively. The sky (heaven) and the earth still interacted with each other. The result of their interaction created four beings that could function in the heavens and on the earth. These are the first semi-divine beings of Ausar, Auset, Set, and Nebt-Het. When Atum made humanity these four were the NTRW who were the closest to humanity. They communicated the rules of society and civilization from the heavens to humanity.’

      Let’s look at the most popular stories given by Western science and religion for the creation of all life. Our current cultural paradigm is founded in the superiority of the physical form. Scientists of today hypothesize that all of existence began with one singular event. This event is called the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang is actually an unproven hypothesis based on the visual observations of certain physical phenomena by the astronomer Edwin Hubble (Hubble: 2002). In 1929 Hubble discovered that the galaxies of the universe appear to be moving away from each other at an ever-increasing speed. He postulated that the universe is constantly expanding. Since all galaxies are moving away from each other in an outward direction something must have happened in the beginning to get them all moving. This is thought to be a colossal explosion (hence the name "Big Bang") of a single atom in which all the potential of the universe was concentrated. Scientists are using the most advanced telescopes available looking throughout space for evidence of this singularity. If they ever found the exact location of the physical event they still would not know what caused the atom to explode.

      The leading school of spiritual thought in European society is Christianity. According to Christian theological teachings all of existence began with God creating light. This is outlined in the book of Genesis in the Bible (The Open Bible: 1975). ‘According to the Biblical account of creation God first created the heaven and the earth and the earth had no form. The spirit of God moved upon the waters. God said let there be light, which began the cycle of day and night. God then said let there be a firmament in the middle of the waters to divide the waters from the waters. The firmament was called heaven. God commanded the waters under heaven to gather together and let dry land appear which he called Earth. God then commanded vegetation to appear followed by the stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies. Of these heavenly bodies he made two with special qualities so that one could rule the day and the other could rule the night. God proceeded to create animals that live in the sea and air followed by the animals of the land. He then created male humans and later created females from a part of the male.’ The Big Bang Theory and the Bible both seek to explain the creation of life by an examination of physical elements. The book of Genesis does not attempt to explain the creation of life by an examination of spiritual elements. It is revealing that the creation story of KMT has more detail and is more complete even though it predates the Big Bang Theory by 6,000 years and the book of Genesis by 3,000 years. Many contradictions in the Big Bang theory and the book of Genesis were resolved by the scholar/priests of KMT in their Creation stories.

      In the Kemetic story the Creator willed itself into existence. The Big Bang theory hypothesizes that a random explosion of unknown cause occurred. In the Bible the creator made heaven and earth yet the earth had no form. The Kemetic story speaks to the will and intent of the creator as being the origin of the force that creates the definite area of existence. The Kemetic story offers a possible cause for the Big Bang but does not state that an act of potential violence occurred. The Bible states that heaven and earth were made yet the earth had no form. No reason is given to substantiate the existence of something that has no form and cannot be differentiated from other things. In the Kemetic story, after forming into a mound of land the creator makes air (or atmosphere) that separates the sky from the land. This is a representation of the sequential appearance of physical life on this planet. Life on this planet, as it currently is, could not exist without the air or atmosphere that envelops the land. The layer of air that surrounds this planet acts as a filter to block the deadly radiation of the Van Allen radiation belt and interstellar space from killing life as we know it (Van Allen 1958; Conspiracy Theory: 2001). We experience warmth on Earth when the rays of the Sun interact with the atmosphere. The area of interstellar space outside the envelope of air that surrounds this planet is also extremely cold. The temperature of interstellar space is estimated to be 3 degrees Kelvin or –273 Celsius (Keohane: 2002). This is cold enough to stop molecules from moving. It is much colder than any point on earth could ever be. This is evidence that the rays of the Sun carry no heat or warmth at all. The interaction of the rays of the Sun with the atmosphere of the planet is the cause of the light we see. The area of existence outside the envelope of air that surrounds this planet is totally dark and with out any sounds we can hear with our ears or measure with machines. We hear sounds when the air is caused to vibrate by certain excitations. In the absence of air there is no sound, light or warmth. Air and the qualities of the atmosphere are pre-requisites for life on this planet. The Kemetic creation story is the only one of the three that follows a sequence that can be confirmed using rational, logical, and scientific examination. The Big Bang theory does not attempt to resolve the issue of a sequential ordering of life. It merely presumes the explosions continued with certain masses sticking together to create planets, stars, and other things. The Bible’s book of Genesis has the spirit of the creator moving on waters that appeared immediately following the creation of heaven and earth. In Genesis the creator then manifested light by the use of sounds (speaking a word) yet no source for continued light was established. After establishing light the Bible has the Creator putting a firmament called heaven in the middle of the waters. If heaven was created first did the Creator back up and do it again? The actions of the Creator in the Bible do not follow the order of sequence needed to create or maintain life on this planet. When logical people ask how things could happen in this sequence they are told to develop more faith in unseen things.

      In addition to informing us of the origin of life on this planet the Kemetic creation story is an example of the mathematical process used by the scholar/priests of KMT and taught to every child. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus shows us that in KMT a process of doubling was used to do computations (Finch: 1998; Robins and Shute: 1987; Chace: 1979). A simple demonstration is to start with the number one, when you double the one you get two, when you double the two you get four, double the four you get eight, so on and so on. In the Kemetic creation story you start off with something indescribable, you make one come out of it, it makes two come out of it, these two make two more come out of them, the second two make four more come out of them. This is an example of the doubling process of one making two, two making four, and four making eight. This same process was used for algebra, multiplication, division, geometry, and trigonometry. The Kemetic creation story started with an indescribable undifferentiated mass. The Big Bang theory and the Bible tell us nothing existed before the creation began. The number systems of the Western societies place a zero prior to the number one. Nun (chaos) is the basis for all existence (Verharen: 2002). In our current system the zero holds a place to symbolize empty space. The Kemetic people did not have a number zero in their system. Due to the existence of something prior to the Creator manifesting itself as one it is never possible for the absence of all things to occur (Assman: 1989; Hornung: 1982). To quote Erik Hornung:

      "For Egyptians the entire extent of the universe, both space and time, is embedded in the limitless expanse of the non-existent. The non-existence does not even stop short at the boundaries of the existent but penetrates all of creation (1971).

      This signifies that KMT had a systematic unification of all Creation in 3,000 BCE (Allen: 1988). Einstein’s unified field theory and Quantum Physics have been trying to verify this for the past 60 years.

      © 2002 Atiba King
      "Oh Africa! When shall be the term of thy long degradation? Behold here, even now, I pledge thee, O my Mother, that I shall devote my years to thee, shall work for thy redemption, shall love thee and be proud of thee and glory in thy power now lying dormant and shall strive to bring it to the light. Take my youth, my labors, my love, my all and do thou when I shall have died for thee, take me to thy bosom, an untamed, untamable African." -Hubert Harrison

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      Most ATR religions I know of teach there is one God or Creator. european and european trained scholars have been misunderstanding African religions and spreading out this misunderstanding forever. And this is when they are "not" being racist.
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