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      kemetic groups temple in atlanta

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      I am trying to find any groups or temples in the atlanta area to help me in my spiritual quest for i am new to the kemetic beliefs!!

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      Peace and Y M HTP. The main Hapi Valley centered Black groups here in Atlanta are

      Ausar Auset Society
      Shekhem Ene Tchaas Maa
      678 468 0067

      Sema Institute / Shetaut Neter Heru / Egyptian Yoga (Muata Ashby affiliated)
      Shems Nefert Akhet
      Shems Khepera Ptah
      Meditation / Yoga / Religious Services Sundays at WRFG room 108, 11 am - 2 pm

      President Queen Nzinga Heru lives down here
      ASCAC study group first Wednesday every month on Alburn Avenue at the Research
      Library from 6pm-8pm

      Ancient Egiptian Order (Nuwaubians)
      Remus Mir No. 9 located at 2339 Brannen Rd, Atlanta GA.
      main meetings on Tuesday and Thursday with doctrine updates and legal updates on York, who was convicted on racketeering and child molestation.

      ShM HTP and Peace.

      Divine Ruler Equality Allah

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