These demi-gods which all came of out KMT theosophy -- known as:

The Volcanic Christian God

were not invoked into his story until a set phenomenon of circumstances came forth ~ embellished in significant, accountable, factual occurences and amazing marvels ~ which "originated" with The GODDESS and HER -- "The Sibyls" -- were first


out of the mysterys (e.g. my storys) of the World.

(e.g. of course, these actions did not manifest overnight) Up until 2009 (e.g. which isn't even the actual year that we are living in...) there has been enough time to twist and turn the facts. The prime idea was to keep the Ancestors of KMTic action, deed, thought and word (e.g. us) unable to think, reason, and un-ravel the web of lies otherwise know as the "lying lore of Christianity"...! out of mystery (e.g. my story)...humph! ....or so it has been assumed up to now...!