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      Arrow The Sphinx and its Astrological Significance...

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      The Sphinx was not built with quarried blocks like the pyramids and temples it guards, but carved out of the living bedrock. Its makers gave it a woman's head and the body of a lion. It is 66 feet high and an impressive 240 feet long. It has the most extraordinary expression, like a hundred Mona Lisas all rolled into one. And its eyes gaze forever at the distant horizon due east, at the Equinox Point, at something not of this world but beyond the sky.

      The ancient Egyptians constantly referred to a remote "Golden Age" they called Zep Tepi, the “First Time” of Osiris, which they believed had long predated the Pyramid Age. Osiris was Orion, and the Great Pyramid had a shaft directed to Orion at the meridian. This astro-architectural language seemed to be spelling out, “Here is Osiris, in the sky when these pyramids were built…yet know too, that his origins are rooted in the “First Time”…but the “First Time” of what? How could the stars of Orion have a “First Time”?

      Well they can…and they do. Provided, of course, that you can read through the allegorical “language” of the ancients via the symbolic architecture and the related pyramid texts. Allegory, to put it in another way, is the “Q-Basics” of the master astronomers who designed the Gizeh complex. When the stars of Orion are observed on the meridian in the precise manner that the ancient Egyptian astronomers did over many centuries, they could not help noticing that these stars crossed the south meridian at different altitudes at different epochs. This, of course, is due to the phenomenon of the Precession of the Equinoxes. In short, the stars of Orion can be said to have a starting point or “beginning” at the nadir of their precessional cycle. Simple calculations show that this occurred in 10,500 BC...

      Could the ancient astronomers of the Pyramid Age have used their very clever “silent language” combined with the precession to freeze the “First Time” of Osiris – somewhat as the gifted architects of gothic cathedrals froze in allegorical stonework the “time of Christ?”

      In 1993 Graham Hancock investigated this issue. He was quick to realize the important implications this approach could have on the Sphinx problem. He had a hunch that the curious harking back to the epoch of 10,500 BC by the pyramid builders was an invitation by them to consider the actual age of the Sphinx. If this hypothesis was correct, then the Sphinx must be an “original” time-marker of that remote epoch, using a celestial tag valid for 10,500 BC. But which tag? What could the Sphinx be representing that was in the sky? Could this have something to do with the due east direction of its gaze toward the horizon?

      In his Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock pointed out that the “First Time” date of 10,500 BC also denoted the beginning (or “First Time”) of the Age of Leo. This was when the constellation Leo would have risen heliacally (at dawn before the Sun) on the day of the Vernal Equinox (March 20). This event brought the constellation to rest due east, thus in perfect alignment with the Sphinx. In other words, the Sphinx was made to look at her own image in the horizon – and consequently at her own “time.”

      Hancock pointed out that 10,500 BC was no random date. It precisely denoted another beginning…that of Orion-Osiris defined on the ground with the pattern and alignments of the nearby Pyramids. Could it be possible that some blueprint was put into motion in 10,500 BC with the making of the Sphinx, then to be completed much later by the builders of the Pyramids?

      As 10,500 BC was the beginning of the Age of Leo, and the zodiac signs move backward in the “Precession of the Equinoxes,” the building of the Sphinx denoted the time when the precession was changing, i.e., going from the Age of Virgo to the Age of Leo (an astrological age=2160 years). This is why the body of the Sphinx is that of a lion (Leo the Lion) and the head is that of a female (Virgo the Virgin). Thus we have the ancient Egyptians of Africa acknowledging the Precession of the Equinoxes by building the Sphinx, one of the true wonders of the world, in honor of their civilization going from the Age of Virgo to the Age of Leo in 10,500 BC…certainly their “First Time.”
      Thirty eight years ago on 12/04/2009 the united snakes murdered Fred Hampton & Mark Clark, this date also marks the 6 year anniversary of the launching of this site in solidarity of these martyrs.

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      Yes, this is interesting information for all to view. I came up on this information some time back and what I found even more interesting, was the mathamatical concepts related to the Sphinx. I will try to dig up that information and post it into this thread.

      Also, I would like to add that Sphinx is the Greek given name which means "strangle"...

      "It is known as sphinx, but the word sphinx is of Greek origin. This name is said to be related to the verb-root 'sphingo', meaning to strangle. Sphinx was the name of the mythical creature with a lion body, a human head, and wings, that is described in the legend of the hero Oedipus. It was terrorizing travellers on the road towards the Greek city of Thebes.

      It is not known what name the ancient Egyptians used for the composite being with a lion body and a human head, that played such an important role in their art and symbolism. In the ancient texts it is called ‘sheshep-ankh’. This means living image."

      The true name for the Sphinx, the Egyptian name is... Hermaket

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      Graham Hancock put in a load of work countering the aims of mainstream Egyptologists, who wished to keep the meaning, and dating of the Sphinx under their veil while they secretly take it all for themselves. Get the book, "Fingerprint's of the Gods." John Anthony West is another Egyptologist that countered mainstream lies. He worked alongside Graham Hancock at times, eventually coming out with the Magical Egypt Series. Its a 8 part series with a whole lot of info on our ancestrors. If u havent seen it, I encourage u google it. And, of course, it's all available in the "Knowledge is Power Audio and Video drops" thread.

      If u havent heard him, I encourage u check it out.

      Graham Hancock - Underwater Ruins (C2C - February 7 2002).mp3
      Graham Hancock - Origins & Altered States (C2C - November 1, 2005).mp3
      Graham Hancock - Mysteries Of Giza - Jeff Rense - 2003 09 18.mp3
      Graham Hancock - Giza and the Pyramids (C2CAM March 1996).mp3
      Graham Hancock - Fingerprints Of The Gods 1of2 6-96.mp3
      Graham Hancock - Fingerprints Of The Gods 2of2 6-96.mp3
      Graham Hancock - Coast to Coast AM - 1996 07 11 - Mystery of the Sphinx - Part 2.mp3
      Graham Hancock - Coast to Coast AM - 1996 07 11 - Mystery of the Sphinx - Part 1.mp3

      Audio download - [ame=""]zSHARE - Graham Hancock.rar[/ame]

      taken from the "Knowledge is Power Audio and Video drops" thread:
      Knowledge is Power Audio & Video Info Drops. Drop em here

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      Water Erosion

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      Water Erosion

      In recent years professor Robert M. Schoch of Boston University and Colin
      Reader have speculated that the Sphinx may display evidence of prolonged water erosion.

      Egypt's last time period where there was a significant amount of rainfall ended during the 3rd millennium BC. Shoch claims that the amount of water erosion they feel that the Sphinx has experienced indicates a construction date no later than the 6th millennium BC or 5th millennium BC, at least two thousand years before the widely accepted construction date and 1500 years prior to the accepted date for the beginning of Egyptian civilization. Reader's assessment is that the Sphinx is a few hundred years older than the traditionally accepted date.

      This theory has not been accepted by mainstream Egyptologists or experts in related fields. Alternative theories for the erosion include wind and sand, acid rain, exfoliation or the poor quality of the limestone used to construct the Sphinx.

      I met researcher and author John Anthony West in Egypt in December 2000.

      His theories about the age of the Sphinx are based on the weathering of the Sphinx's body dues to water erosion making it much older than is recorded.

      In a series of expeditions between 1991 and 1993 led by John Anthony West, scientific investigators conducted geological and seismic surveys around the Great Sphinx of Egypt along with other researchers. The team's conclusion:

      The pattern of erosion on the Sphinx indicates that it was carved at the end ofthe last Ice Age, when heavy rains fell on the eastern Sahara - perhaps more than 12,000 years ago. This contrasts starkly with the 'orthodox'

      Egyptological dating for the Sphinx of around 4,500 years ago.

      The seismic survery indicated the existence of several
      unexplored tunnels and cavities in the bedrock beneath the Sphinx, including a large rectangluar chamber at a depth of some 25 feet beneath the monument's front paws.

      This film linked the Sphinx to Atlantis and suggested that the
      chamber beneath the paws might contain the legendary 'Hall of Records' of Atlantis. Dr. Zahi Hawass does not agree stating that there is no scientific proof to these claims. "The Sphinx is the soul of Egypt."

      According to Edgar Cayce, the Sphinx was built in 10,500 BC by survivors of the vanished civilization of Atlantis .

      Magical Egypt - Episode Two - Part 1

      Ashra Kwesi Explains African Spiritual Concepts at the Temple of Aset (Isis) #3 - Kemet (Egypt)

      Peace be upon you
      Facts About the Sphinx | Scribd
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      I Appreciate the postings because,let them tell it hell, it was made by non-africans with no true significance to anything until european archeologists came across it. Thats why it is important as Blacks that we educate ourselves on our great achievements whereever Africans were taken or settled. We should never let our education be limited to what the oppressor teaches us in thier textbooks and media outlets.
      Revolution is the only Solution

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