You have been called undersexed, but this is definitely not true. However, you do need a spark to light your fire, which you can obtain by mating with a fire sign. An Aries person would be an excellent mate, for you can supply mental qualities while the Arian supplies the action. Aware, alert and a good talker, you can give the mental appreciation that a Leo craves and, in turn, Leo will warm and enliven your spirit. Sagittarius can also recharge your emotional batteries, and an exciting relationship can result. However, Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, thus there could be too much receptivity and changeability. A better balance is achieved by mating with either the cardinal sign Aries or the fixed sign Leo.

With the air signs there would be just too much hot air! With another Gemini there would be great mental stimulation, but no interest in sexual expression. However, platonic love is always a possibility in this instance. Libra would be disappointed by Geminiís lack of sexual interest, and with Aquarius there may be mutual admiration and devotion, but sex will soon be forgotten.

The earth signs are too practical for the airy Gemini spirit. Gemini would spoil the fervent ardor of Taurus with too much chatter, and would be annoyed by The Bullís lack of verbal response. Mercury, your ruling planet, also rules the earth sign Virgo, and although Gemini and Virgo share Mercuryís intellectualism and would get along at first, they would eventually drift apart without the spark of fire. And Gemini would have no patience with the long courtship desired by Capricorn.

Forget mating with a water sign. Such a union would be too emotional and possessive for you. The Gemini flightiness would annoy Cancer, and this cardinal water sign craves a faithfulness that Gemini sees only as being tied down. Gemini is too mental for the secretive, highly sexed Scorpio, and Pisces wonít give the freedom that Gemini needs. In addition, Gemini becomes easily bored by Piscean emotionalism. Remember, water and air causes storms!