You are fortunate in being both highly sexed and able to mate with half the signs of the zodiac satisfactorily, for the earth and water signs are your natural milieu. You could be delightfully mated to another Taurean – or a Virgo if he/she is not too faultfinding. Your possessiveness and willingness to engage in romantic courtship would enormously endear you to a Capricorn. This would be an excellent union, especially if you share the Capricorn’s ambitions.

But mating with a water sign would bring you your greatest fulfillment, especially a Cancer or a Pisces. Scorpio would also be good, but as Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs, it could result in too much stubbornness in the relationship. The clinging nature of Cancer will appeal to your amorous nature, and both of you realize the importance of home and family. The sympathetic and affectionate nature of Pisces will be most pleasing to you, and you can supply the steadfast and boundless devotion that the Piscean craves.

Forget the fire signs if you want a happy, permanent physical relationship. Your practical approach to all matters would offend fire-sign idealism. Aries would find you oversensual. With a Leo you would tire of playing court, and with a Sagittarian you’d try to “fence in” their fiercely independent and free spirit. No one can be more amorous, affectionate, or loving than you, but to the fire signs these qualities would be seen as excessive self-indulgence!

You are not suited sexually to the air signs either. Gemini is too mental and flighty. Venus, your ruling planet, also rules Libra, thus you may be attracted by the Libran’s flirtatious approach – but you would be turned-off eventually by the timidity of the Libran response. Libra could, in fact, lead you on a merry chase, but when you finally caught up you would be disappointed in the relationship. Forget mating with an Aquarian. The Aquarian’s curiosity will be satisfied before you have begun to display your amorous techniques. Aquarius lacks your capacity for sustained passion, and would prefer talking rather than lovemaking