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      Astrological birth control

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      Interest in astrological birth control was first sparked in recent times by Dr. Eugene Jonas, who developed the system of birth control and sex selection presently available to the public. The ancient Assyrian/Babylonian assertion, "Woman is fertile during a certain phase of the Moon," gave Dr. Jonas a starting point in his search for an understanding of human fertility. After much thought and calculation in search for a set of laws, Dr. Jonas arrived at a tentative conclusion and set out to statistically verify it.

      This was done by using the birth weight and birth times of infants to determine their sex. For example, by knowing the birth date of the mother, Jonas knew the day of each month when she was most fertile. By knowing the birth time and weight of the newborn infants, Jonas was able to calculate the approximate time of conception. The exact day of conception was the woman’s fertile day that was closest to the approximate time of conception. The sign position of the Moon on the day of conception indicates the sex of the child. The positive signs (i.e., the air and fire signs) indicated a male child, and negative signs (i.e., the earth and water signs) indicated a female child.

      Work with hospital records showed him to be 87% correct in his predictions. The difficult thing was to convince others that his system deserved further research and financial support. After a prolonged struggle with narrow-minded bureaucrats, Jonas gained some influential supporters who were convinced by statistical evidence that his system worked. Astra, a government-funded research group, was created. Dr. Jonas, head of Astra, conducted computerized researches into aspects of human fertility that went far beyond what we presently know about his system. This additional information, the fruits of Jonas' research, is unavailable. When the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, Dr. Jonas was silenced. We may never know what refinements he may have devised and never released. Here is the Jonas System in brief:

      1. Prevention of Conception

      (a) The cosmic fertility period occurs each time the Sun and Moon are in the same angular relationship that they were in when the woman was born. When the Sun and Moon form this angle once every 28 days, a woman is at her most fertile time for conception. She is also considered fertile for 2 days before this time. This is necessary since sperm can live 2 days before it is considered sufficient. Three or four days before is usually safe, but avoided for extra caution.

      (b) The regular monthly ovulation cycle as used by the Catholic Church is also used in the Jonas System. This is the time halfway between the beginnings of two menstrual periods. Three days before and three days after should definitely be avoided. A full 7 days before and after is avoided for extra caution. This period is not considered as fertile as the cosmic fertility period.

      2. Sex Determination (choosing male or female child)

      The sex of a child may be chosen by planning conception so that it will occur with the Moon in a feminine sign (if a girl is desired) or a masculine sign (if a boy is desired). Feminine signs are noted by the negative symbol (-) on the solar lunar calendar, and the male signs are noted by the positive symbol (+). In order for a male child to be born, copulation should occur one day before the cosmic fertility day, when the Moon is in a masculine sign at the cosmic fertility time. Note that copulation could occur in a female sign and conception could occur in a male sign. This method cannot be used during a woman’s monthly ovulation cycle since the exact time of fertility is not known during this period.

      Originally my, intention in writing this article was to present the Jonas method of astrological birth control and show you how to implement it through the use of the solar lunar calendar. Since then evidence of its failure has changed my mind. A member of Katharsis who used the Jonas method for two years recently conceived on a safe day according to Jonas. The Jonas system of birth prevention is supposed to be 97% accurate. Of course this indicated that the system would fail in 3% of the cases. Perhaps our failure was within this 3%. But we have no knowledge of solid statistical evidence to prove this. Jonas' records were confiscated, so we don't know how he got his proof and what relevance his data really has. More and more astrologers have been telling me Jonas's system has failed in many cases.

      At the American Federation of Astrologers Convention in San Francisco I met Douglas Miller, who has developed a system of astrological birth control that goes beyond what we know about Jonas' method. Miller says that there are other fertile days besides the ones Jonas gives. These are related to other planets and other Moon phases. It is presently the only alternative we know of to the Jonas method.

      Miller claims that every conception he has ever heard of has occurred on one of his fertile days. He admits, though, that his system needs more refinements and statistical verification. We recommend reading Miller's book for those interested in astrological birth control. The title is Lady, I Have Your Number, and is available from the American Federation of Astrologers, 6 Library Court, Washington, DC 20003.

      Here is Miller's system in brief:

      A woman is fertile on the day described by Jonas, and also on other phases of the Moon, depending upon the solstice point of her Moon at birth. The solstice point is the sign position that is an equal distance from the Solstices (0º Cancer and 0º Capricorn) as the planet is on the opposite side. For example, the solstice point of 10º Cancer is 20º Gemini – both are 10º away from the Solstice. Miller says that women can conceive when the Moon or its solstice point form an angle a woman had at birth between her Moon or its solstice point and the Sun.

      Other factors necessary for conception:

      1. The transiting Sun, Mars or Jupiter must form a conjunction, square or opposition to the birth positions of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Ascendant or Midheaven.

      2. The transiting Sun, Mars or Jupiter must form parallel aspects to the birth positions of the Sun, Mars or Jupiter. A parallel exists when two planets are within 2º of each other by declination.

      3. Transiting Venus will almost always make a conjunction, square or opposition to the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Ascendant or Midheaven at birth. If this does not occur, a 45, 135, 225 or 315-degree angle will occur.

      (For simplified instructions and related techniques, read The Natural Birth Control Book, Tao Publications, Boston, MA. For more extensive information on Dr. Jonas, read Natural Birth Control by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, Bantam Books.)
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      I've learned that my cycle comes during a certain time of the moon thats how I keep track

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