It’s not easy to prepare an astrological data without a proper birth chart. A proper birth chart is the one of the essential parts of making a forecast or prediction. Countries too have birth charts, as they help in predicting certain successes or natural calamities. Thus a birth chart holds a prominent place in astrology, even though it varies in construction and application. An astrological birth chart is based on mathematical calculations and it’s mostly used for predictions and forecasts.

An Indian Astrology birth chart of a person helps to know his birth details, that include time, date and place of birth. It also discloses more details on the position of the stars, planets, sun & moon during the time of birth, along with the ascending star, the sun sign & moon sign.

The astrology birth chart used in Indian astrology or Vedic astrology is called ‘janam kundali’ .Through this you will get a diagrammatic representation of the position of the stars, planets, sun, and moon, that’s prepared after considering the time and place of birth . The predictions in Indian astrology are based on the person’s ‘janma rashi & ‘lagna’. ‘Janma rashi’ is the constellation where the moon was situated during the time of birth. ‘Lagna’ indicates the rising /ascending sign of the person. Nowadays many of the Indian astrology sites provide free astrological (jyotish) readings.