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      Blackicon Reader 12 Zodiac 49th chapter genesis Holy Bible

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      Holy Quran 16:12 He made the night and the day and the sun and moon subserient to you; and all the stars are subservient to his command Surely in this there are signs for men of understanding..... 1.Aquarius- Reuben-"unstable as water". 2. Gemini- strong fraternal assocociation of Simeon and Levi. 3. Leo-Judah-" the strong Lion". 4.Pisces-Zebulun-" shall dwell at the haven of the sea". 5.Taurus- Issachar-" strong ass couching down". 6.Virgo-Dina, Jaccobs only daughter. 7. Scorpio- Dan-" a serpent adder in the path that biteth". 8. Aries-Gad-" a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at last". At the time Genesis was written the precessions where in the time of Aries then is was overcome by pisces the fish, fishermen of men,feeding of 5000 the time of jesus," todays symbol of christanity". 9. Capricorn- Naphtali-"a hind ( deer) let loose". 10. Cancer-Benjamin- for he is "ravenous". 11.Libra- Asher-His" Balance". 12 Saggitarius- Joseph-" his bow abode in strenght". Some of the animals have changed over the centuries but the science of it remains the same!

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      The story of Humanity is same in the Q'ran and the Bible. There's no skepticity to keep in. All that can be said is that Jacob and his engendered Tribes' sources are under the influence of the Zodiac, just this. Yep, not the sinequanon fact.

      It is important to remember the things of the earth are not intertwined with the celestial things, so Atem, you shouldn't rejoice too quickly (as I sensed) that what was given of knowledge to the livings of anytime justify the heavens. It's been taking long millenia for the Tribes of Isreal to achieve completion, are they over yet now that Jesus's been sometimes nixable. All this to tell you that these Tribes (geneologically still existing and religiously strengthened in number of believers) are scheduled to place the zodiac for communicating links between the Angels and their arrival on the destinated Earth.

      You mistook the source and the process seriouslessly but it's better for you to know that a process shan't hide its originator. Otherwise, it's like never having the why to anything being made and opening channels to evil as for an explanation-basis. Thereup, evil actors would, at the worse, have taken your astro-scriptural theory like something to sport for their own instead of the tribes' living bases misguide or, and to perturb the process who reckons for all of the Creatures of God. It's just an example which is why God always wants His Beings to gain knowledge constantly and to look for ever more...

      I must tell you that God didn't existentially positioned His Prophets as standing for His Angels and that the zodiac won't thus be a fact of the earth in state or, and happenings. It just carries on with its unchanged nature until its state becomes the result God aimed for on Earth, like I told you.

      I won't go to the point that the Prophets were sufferers for the Heavens from the beginning but there again, the earth is not the Heavens, it had to require some extra strength welled up from belief in God, primely, and then in His Processes..since you can spiritually see them, place your belief in Him and enjoy His blessings instead of their sendings. Do you get me? You'd have to be a god to be alike, only the sourced blessings 'd make you so ; you'd await blessings for your strife, only turning to God than His ways towards His beings would start it ; you'd like to be in the motion of God's, only placing you in your base (Q'ran or Bible) would merit you this. Sendings of orders or blessings and revelations need focusing on the source, not its parameters or implementations.

      I'll leave you alone.

      Information on the Universe @

      It'll speech its waves, and you'll sense...throughout the Century and the times...1.

      Anthony Bred-Field from Newark,NJ has revolutioned his astor, soon will I. Nothing freaky, an astral breath...

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      There are 13 signs. Number 13 was erased by Ptolemy I to hid the splendor of the one it was named after --Imhotep. It seems that Imhotep is the only mortal human being ever given the distinction of being named after an entire stellar constellation. The sign is called Ophiuchus -- means serpent bearer.

      Of course, this means that the 12 need re-configuration:

      1 ARIES = APRIL 19 – MAY 13
      2 TAURUS = MAY 14 – JUNE 19
      3 GEMINI = JUNE 20 – JULY 20
      4 CANCER = JULY 21 – AUG 9
      5 LEO = AUGUST 10 – SEPTEMBER 15
      7 LIBRA = OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 22
      12 AQUARIUS = FEBRUARY 16 – MARCH 11
      13 PISCES = MARCH 12 – APRIL 18

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      Bismillaah ir Rahmaan ir Rahiim As salaamu alaykum, everyone. It seems that my sign has ended up in Libra. Something I cannot cope with just now. Obviously, it's an error. The book I've studied for some time now, is available to be borrowed: Self mastery and fate with the cycles of life (1929). I'm no longer a member of this order. However you might find this book interesting. Wassalaam. ShakaZulu

      Who & What Are The Rosicrucians #1(Is it a secret organization?)
      Last edited by ShakaZulu; 05-19-2015 at 08:21 AM.
      The Remembrance of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful, is Life's Greatest Blessing.

      To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question?

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