I was, back in June of this year. I had a dental PPO insurance policy through my employer, thought the PPO would provide me with better options for care...

I was in pain and needed a crown- what I found out is that I had to be insured a year before my policy would cover less than 50% of my crown cost. I couldn't afford the full cost of $1000, so I decided I'd seek a dentist outside of San Diego. I was referred to Dr. Veronica Hernandez in Tecate, Mexico (40 mins on 94 East).

For less than the price of a single crown from my SD dentist I received quality care and treatment which included:
  • Root canal
  • Post and crown
  • Wisdom tooth extraction

Feel free to call me for more details and pass this email on to anyone you know who needs a dentist.

Be great in all your endeavors & know peace,
theresa f

The mind responsible for the problem, can not be expected to produce the solution. Be a part of the solution!

Peace be upon you