It is astonishing how people can be resourceful for their daily needs. I went to a relative of mine for an occasion. The maid there was grilling pork chops. As I came closer, I was puzzled to see that, the heat source was not charcoal at all. It was a ball of paper. I got one from the container beside the grill, and it was almost as hard as soft wood. The maid actually recycled the used newspapers that were just lying around at the back of the house, to become an alternative for charcoal. It makes sense because paper comes from wood and charcoal is derived from wood.

  1. Soak several used papers in water for some time.
  2. Compact several soaked papers using your hands or other means to reasonable sizes.
  3. Let them dry out in the sun.
Save charcoal bags, newspaper, etc.

You can now use them as an alternative for charcoal. It may function differently than charcoal but it will work.

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Peace be upon you