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      About UK Study Visa and Immigration information required

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      Hi 2 All, I am looking information about UK immigration. Please guide me where from I can collect proper information about UK immigration and UK Study Visa. I have found one website i.e. UK Visas Information Guide this website have detail for all about UK immigration process but I am looking best source for UK immigration. Please Please.....Guide me

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      UK Border Agency Visa Services Home Page

      This site tells you the legal requirements for any visa. How you interpret them is up to you. It’s the Home Office gov site so naturally it won’t be easy to understand all the requirements as they don’t want to make it really easy to immigrate in the UK. The most important thing to prove are:

      • Sponsors
      • Employability (ie qualifications, job offer – so look for work on UK job sites the company might hire you and sort your visa for you!)
      • Adequate funds to live on (ie having cash saved in your bank account that is enough to support you for a few months until you find work)
      • Acceptance Confirmation from the school or university you are to attend (I don’t know if you can be given a study visa if you havent found a school)
      • And you might want to look into the Life in the UK test it is now a prerequisite to have pasted this test if you are applying for some Visas

      You might want to speak to a Legal aid or law centre and get advised also

      Hope that helps

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