Le New Black Panther Party For self Defense, l’organisation afro-americaine historique du DR.Khallid Abdul Muhammad,basée à Washington, et aujourd’hui dirigée par son disciple, l’Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, nomme par cette présente lettre, Kemi Seba:
-Ministre Francophone de l’organisation,
-Représentant en France du NBPP et de l’Honorable Dr.Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

Kemi Seba, recoit par ailleurs, conformément aux enseignements identitaires noirs du Dr.Khallid Abdul Muhammad, le nom de KEMIOUR AARIM SHABAZZ

Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz
nbpphq@yahoo.com Washington D.C., United States of America

April 14, 2010

Brother President Kemi Seba
(Kemiour Aarim Shabazz)
Capochichi Stellio
Country of France

Re: Appointment as NBPP National Representative in France

Dear Brother President Kemi Seba (brother Kemiour):

I am most honored and grateful to accept you as the New Black Panther Party National Representative in the country of France. I have read and heard of your great works and I admire your strong stance for our people. I have felt your fighting spirit and feel your pain of persecution. Togetherwe shall continue the great works of our mentor Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.

Welcome to the New Black Panther Party, with all rights and privileges granted to you and all in France who will join our banner under your leadership. Welcome to the International Ministry of the NBPP where you will work with our International Ambassador and United Kingdom Representative, brother Hughie Rose. We stand ready to provide whatever resources that the New Black Panther Party has to assist the liberation struggle of our African Brothers and sisters France

We are greatly disturbed by the persecution visited upon you by the authorities in France. We find repugnant and vile the travel restrictions placed upon you within the country of France and intolerable the forbidding of you to travel abroad. Therefore, we shall do all we can to have your unjust restrictions lifted as they are a violation of your international Human Rights. We will pursue justice for your case both here in America and abroad, including the United Nations, and other International Courts of Justice. We find your oppression by French authorities not to be a result of any anti-Semitism (which you are not guilty of) but rather the French desires to continue domination and neo-colonial rule over Africans and other oppressed peoples both in France and in Africa. We will raise your case and your cause with vigor, dignity and intensity.

Welcome to the New Black Panther Party, the fastest growing Black Nationalist-Pan Africanist Movement in the world. Welcome to all Africans in France who would like to join. Welcome to all those Blacks in Europe who will join our international movement. You now have the unity and support of the Black Movement in the United States of America and our friends are your
friends. Accordingly we invite you to address our Black Power Convention via satellite or internet on the weekend of May 28th through May 31st, 2010 at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America.

Please give all the sisters and brothers that are with you my strongest greetings of love, unity and solidarity. The days of imperialism, neo-colonialism and racism are soon coming to an end.

We look forward to great victories.

Black Power and Asalaam- Alaikum.

Your Brother,

Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz

National Chairman and Leader
New Black Panther Party

National Representative
Honorable Khallid Abdul Muhammad

On Behalf of the NBPP Central Committee and
International Ministry