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With skill, wisdom and the sought after quality of strength and endurance did the African arrive. To be used as human animals, removed from land culture and family in service of his captors who rose to power and the mood of resentment and hate.

Who Financed the Slave Trade?

Slavery in America was the darkest period in American history. This period also was a conscience keeper for many who sold human flesh and committed ungodly sins against other human beings. The wretched psychological problems and nightmares of the slaveholder, slave breeder, slave kidnapper and the financiers have drove many to strong drink and a guilt conscience that has been passed down through the ages. Perhaps that is why in the study of American history, little or no discussion reflect on who was actually behind the slave trade. In other words, who financed it? Who carried out slavery and those that benefitted from this trade has some documentation. But the former question (who financed slavery) is not clearly gleaned from the historical accounts of this period. In all actuality these people also made profits from the slave trade.

These questions must be answered as Black people seek to unlock the mysteries of our past. As we go back in time to answer this important question I would like to once again introduce the two elders in my family. These advisors are elders in my family who each lived for almost a century in the deep South.

"Plum Good Red" my grandfather was a rambling man and gambler who traveled throughout the South and up and down the Mississippi by river boat. "Sun Boy" was a farmer all his life, who knew about the land and how the Black man came to be part of the land. "Plum Good Red" and "Sun Boy" will give us statements later as we attempt to first answer who financed slavery?

But first what is finance? Finance means to provide money for a particular undertaking. So finance means money and who put up the money. At this point I would like to call on the "West End Professor." But, first let it be written that the "Professor " has been saved. He has found peace with God, he no longer has a sexual identity problem, he has stopped drinking, nor is he an apologist for racist White people and low-down Uncle Tom Negroes.

Therefore the "Professor" argues that "most historians agree that the beginning of the slave trade in the New World took place in 1517. The Spanish Bishop, Bartholomew de Las Casas took steps to encourage the importation of Blacks to the New World. In so doing he persuaded Charles V to encourage immigration to the New World by permitting Spaniards to import twelve slaves each.

It is a well-known fact that slavery was a very profitable business. The Spanish and later the Portuguese were the first major slave traders. Later the Dutch, French and English came to dominate the slave trade."

I would like to thank "The West End Professor" for his remarks. We will continue to pray that the "Professor" will stay on the path of Truth and righteousness. "Southwest Willie" was over come with emotion, realizing that the "Professor" was sanding up like a man and speaking on a very serious question.

So on a note of positive emotion "Southwest Willie" said "at Jamestown in 1619 Blacks were first introduced to slavery in North America. At least ten million Blacks were brought to the New World as slaves. And many historians note that millions of Blacks died during slavery. The number ranges from one million to 10 million Blacks that died during the slave period. Some died from starvation and disease. Also many Blacks chose to take their lives rather than suffer the abuse placed on them by the demented and perverted crews that sailed on slave ships. Therefore, many Blacks died during the infamous middle-passage (the voyage to America) and many died at the hands of their captors."

At this point "Plum God Red" and "Sun Boy" both continued the discussion in a joint statement. "Plum Good Red" said "in the 18th century the African slave trade became an important economic institution. The English soon came to dominate the slave trade. In time the major slave traders became the English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese."

My eldest advisors are definitely keeping us on the right track. Because it stands to reason that the individual governments of these countries also profited from the slave trade. We can also determine that the captains and their crews made a profit or wages from the slave trade. Southern plantation owners also grew very wealthy from the slave trade. Because for all practical purposes, the old South was built from slave labor.

While historical accounts are relatively clear on profits made by plantation owners, crown governments and those that manned the slave ships, there were other parties involved who put up money to carry out the slave trade. In other words, there were other people who financed slavery?

To answer this question, one must ask, who has historically been the great bankers of the world? Who has historically been the money lenders? Furthermore, it stands to reason that all the ships that sailed with a human cargo of slaves were not sponsored by crown governments, but by banks of Europe.

"Southwest Willie" as my leading advisor conferred with my other advisors and concluded that "the greatest money lenders and bankers in Europe during the time of the slave trade were the Jews." "Willie" went on to say that "most of the first Jewish immigrants to the U.S. were Spanish and Portuguese. In fact, Jews had so much money that a Polish Jew named Haym Salomon loaned money to te distressed Continental Government of America. Salomon and another prominent Jew, Philip Minis frequently advanced money to pay the bills for the Continental Army."

"So Jews in the New World just like Jews in the Old World were the big money lenders. They even helped finance the American Revolution. And later, they helped the southern slave masters finance the purchase of slaves to maintain the plantation system in the South."

Thanks "Willie" for being the spokesperson for my advisory group. "Plum Good Red" now wanted to talk about his observations and recollections while growing up in rural Alabama. "As Jews continued to grow in numbers, they continued to lend money at high rates of interest. It is documented that the Jews were the first immigrants to set up businesses in the Black community. It is well known that Jews will never help Blacks help themselves: they have used Black people from day one. Because soon after the end of slavery, Jewish merchants and pawn brokers, set up shop throughout the U.S. and the South to exploit the Black dollar."

"Memphis Slim" at this point wanted to offer his contribution to the discussion. "Memphis Slim" is a student of the Black experience also Slim confided that he had given this question serious thought. "Slim" said "by the turn of the century (1900) Jews had become entrenched in the Black community. They were so successful at exploiting the Black dollar that they also saw the economic benefits of helping to organize and finance Black Civil Rights organizations. In this guise of helping Blacks, Jews have sought to benefit Jewish interests at the expense of Black people. That interest is a purely economic motive, because Jews have been shrewd enough to know the economic potential of the Black dollar."

"Blacks have never received any semblance of economic advancement from the Civil Rights movement. Is this due to the Jewish influence in Civil rights organizations? If the Jews are the great friends of the Black man, why haven't they did anything for Black people besides tell them that integration will solve all the Black man's problems. Yes, I would wager that Jews played a key role in financing slavery. From my observation Jews have financed a lot of other things that have keep Black people oppressed in America."

In conclusion "Rat" said "I would like to ask the following questions:
Are Jews related to Black people?
Is there a secret shared by Jews and White supremacist concerning the relationship of Jews and Blacks?
Why do White hate groups seem to hate Jews worse than they hate Blacks?
How can Jews maintain alliances with White racist against Blacks?
Do Jews hate Black people because they believe Jews were once enslaved by Africans in Egypt?
Did the Jews of the Exodus look like Africans or Europeans?
Who really are the Europeans that call themselves Jews?
Do White hate groups know who the Jews are?
Did Hitler initially have a special relationship with the German Jew?
Where did Hitler get the money to rise to power in pre World War II Germany?

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