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Historic first tabloid
newsprint issue of
The Burning Spear
for sale on eBay

This is Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Burning Spear newspaper, the oldest Black Power periodical in continuous publication since the height of the Black Power Movement of the 1960s.

The paper was launched in 1968 as mimeographed sheets, which are unavailable.

This first tabloid newsprint issue was published in 1969 by the Junta of Militant Organizations (JOMO), one of three organizations that later merged to form the African People's Socialist Party.

Today, the African People's Socialist Party continues to publish The Burning Spear newspaper, and leads an international movement for African liberation.

Cover features infamous anti-black
mural torn down by Omali Yeshitela

The image on the cover is a photo of an anti-black mural that hung in the St. Petersburg, Florida City Hall.

In a watershed moment for the black rights movement in Florida, Omali Yeshitela, founder of The Burning Spear newspaper and Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party tore down that mural and was sentenced to five years on the Florida chain gang on a felony conviction.

Leader of the Uhuru Movement, Yeshitela will sign this copy of The Burning Spear if requested.

Articles tell story of struggle
for black power

The paper contains an article on the police assassination of Chicago Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton, and excerpts from the jail log kept by Omali Yeshitela, then known as Joe Waller, while he was a political prisoner in the Alachua County Jail, dated April 30, 1968.

It also contains a letter to Judge Charles Holley on Yeshitela's behalf, from then-Georgia state representative Julian Bond, that reads "It has come to my attention that Joseph Waller is again a victim of the Florida judicial system... Men like Waller [Yeshitela] are this nation's hopes ... They should be honored - not jailed."

The newspaper is intact and readable, although faded and fragile. It can be personally addressed and autographed by Omali Yeshitela, who was the founding editor, listed in the paper by his then-name, Joseph Waller.

100% of proceeds of this sale will benefit the 2011 Uhuru Freedom Summer Project, currently underway in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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