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      The blackness of tango. Dance's dark roots in a country "without blacks"

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      Every Argentinian is proud of the tango. Yet, it's a commonly held belief that Argentina's black minority is so small as to have played no major role in tango's development. Most tangueros agree that African influences were strong in Argentina in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when tango's roots were watered by the candombe societies, resulting in the quickstep milonga that tangueros still dance today, and canyengue, tango's "melting" predecessor. But when it comes to a shaping Afro-Argentine presence, most people say, no: for that, you'll have to go next door, to Uruguay.

      The majority of slaves came from Angola, Congo, and Guinea. However, in the 19th century immigrants from Cape Verde arrived to Argentina. The crew learned that when the enslaved men fought and died on the frontlines in the battles with Paraguay, the Uruguayan women were left alone and so the mixing with Europeans began.


      Even more than has previously been acknowledged, the origins of tango are black, via Kongo culture imported from Central Africa and Cuba. Tango, "the fabulous dance of the past hundred years," started life as a creole: "the Kongo grind, caught in a waltz-like embrace."

      dances of Central Africa are mostly danced with hips and buttocks. Many Latin dance originating in that region: rumba, samba ...... Besides the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola rumba and samba are traditional music and dance.

      Seduction and sensuality characterize traditional and modern Congolese and Angolan dance. rumba and samba means "navel" and mimic the sexual act between man and woman

      Today, tango is still in Angola and is called Semba, Kizomba or tarraxinha

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      argentin tango

      Angolan tango , semba:

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      Angolan semba

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      Another dance (with origine kongo)that is found on two continents, but with different name.

      Rebita in Angola:

      Puita in Sao tome and principe

      Mabelo in French West indies

      Batuque de Umbiguada in Brasil

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      There are too many places in Latin America that don't acknowledge African influences on their culture or their current Black populations.

      So many aspects of Latin American culture are African however miscegenation policies have helped to disguise many and have blinded many people.

      This is a video from an Afro-Colombian group Chocquib Town

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