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      For those of you who know the trial Amina & I have struggled
      through for the evil negro who killed our youngest daughter,
      Shani Isis Makeda Baraka and her friend Rayshon Aug 2003.

      1. Criminal Mischief 2. Felonious Possession of Firearms
      3. Terroristic Threats 4. Criminal Mischief 5.Burglary 6. Theft
      7. Criminal Mischief 8. Homicide Shani Baraka 9. Homicide Rayshon Holmes

      He had already been convicted of two counts in the earlier trial
      for stalking and abusing his ex-wife, Shani's step sister, Wanda Wilson ,
      which is supposed to bring 10-14 years.

      The sentencing, for all convictions, is Aug 19, 2005 Middlesex
      court house!

      Amiri and Amina Baraka
      Posted In The Spirit of Learning & Sharing
      One Love & Respect Always

      The Quest for knowledge stops at the grave.
      HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I.

      If you fail to prepare,
      you are preparing to fail!

      Mind what you want, because someone wants your mind.

      Working together, the ants ate the elephant.

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      Good News = Bad News

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      I had wanted the murderer of their daughter found. I just couldn't get it out of my head that more than likely it was another Black man gone "up state." Oh how we so relish in the capture and conviction of these heinous murders, yet we have lost another soul in our war against the beast for the souls and minds of our people. Oh how true, but how bittersweet. How much of this can we blame on white supremacy?
      "Life is about Death - It is a fight for survival to the very end. ." Sadiku

      "Who wants equality with murderers, thieves, rapists, cheaters, liars,
      grave robbers, baby killers, baby stealers, savages, brutes and beasts?
      Who wants equality with the devil himself?" - Sadiku

      "Who wants to integrate [into] a burning house?" - James Baldwin

      "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or
      justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it." - Malcolm X

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      statistical breakdown

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      Quote Originally Posted by Sadiku
      How much of this can we blame on white supremacy?

      How about:

      75% ~ White Supremacy based on the hundreds of years of programming US into this state of BE~ing

      10% ~ Corrupt, Ineffective Leadership who have failed to Organize and Centralize. They are Individuals FIRST and therefore "programmed" to destroy self like every other Afrikan has.

      15% ~Individuals who continue to "choose" to exercise thier "right" to engage in some bs Be~haviors they know to BE detrimental to themselves and therefore, their family and community.
      After "hearing" truth about who you are, what happened and how can BE Re~paired...many of US continue to "choose" to focus on OUR "right to" DO whatever it is WE DO.

      Yes it is a "bittersweet" Victory as I think about the Family and the Children involved along with another brother on double lock-down...lost re~cruit.
      Due to the increased pressures brewing in this "Burning Masion", I BE~lieve it is and will continue to get worse. This simply means WE have to get busy getting busy!
      Akpe for the info Jahness

      and Akpe for allowing me to share

      In Love of Afrikans home and abroad.

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