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    Poll Results

    View Poll Results: Black People Don't Want To Unite Cuz


    This poll will close on 12-04-2010 at 01:54 PM

    • The white man doesn't approve of it.

      0 0%
    • We skeered of the thought of doing for self

      0 0%
    • We love white people to much so we will try and unite with them first

      0 0%
    • We really hate black

      1 50.00%
    • We are lazy

      0 0%
    • We are shiftless

      0 0%
    • We are dumb deaf and blind

      0 0%
    • We blame it on Islam

      0 0%
    • Unite for what... the devil will take care of us

      0 0%
    • Maybe one day but I am looking at the game right now.

      1 50.00%


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      Assata Shakur Speaks Is An Oasis Of Pan African Information Geared Towards The Liberation Of Afrikan People.

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