I am writing to protest against the continued promotion by “Free Mumia UK” and “ThePanAfrikanVoice” of William Francome’s film “In Prison my Whole Life”

Francome has publicly stated that, among other things:

He doesn’t know if Mumia killed the police man because Mumia has not given any such evidence in court. The records show that Mumia has always proclaimed his innocence from the very beginning and was advised by his lawyers (who betrayed him) not to give evidence in court.
Lindorff’s book “Killing Time” was “balanced” and he endorsed the book. In that book Lindorff says that Mumia is guilty. How is that balanced?
Mumia deserves respect for his suffering and sacrifices for the cause of social justice for poor and oppressed people. Francome’s remarks are offensive and disrespectful, and calls into question his motives for making the film. What has Francome done for poor and oppressed People?

Obviously “Free Mumia” and “ThePanAfrikanVoice” are willing to continue to promote Francome and his film because of your own personal relationship/connection with Francome and his family.

Francome is a fraud, and a self seeking self promoter. His film makes no mention of any evidence of Mumia’s innocence except for a diagram of the prosecution’s version of the ballistics.

You claim that the campaign is a broad front, yet you have not shown the video with Mumia which also has the Beverley confession, because it was produced by the PDC. At least the PDC believes that Mumia is innocent and has worked for his freedom, unlike Francome and his ilk.

I fail to understand how Africans who claim to be “political” could have written any of the leaflets which you have distributed promoting Francome’s film.

The leaflets rightly, says Mumia is innocent, but there is no mention of any evidence of that innocence, no mention of the fact that for eg.

The state put Mumia under surveillance when he was 15 years old all because of his membership of the Black Panther Party (BPP)
At 18 years old he was placed on the Security Index of the FBI, this is a list of citizens to be rounded up in a “national crisis”. This was again due to his membership of the BPP. He had no criminal record, but he has exposed the racist nature of American Capitalism.
At 19 years old the state attempted to frame him for the murder of the governor of Bermuda.etc.etc.
The fight for Mumia’s freedom is of vital importance to everyone who is committed to the struggle for social justice. His life can only be saved if we expose this blatant frame up through mass protests.

Mumia will be in court again on the 9th November, at stake is whether he will be murdered by the state or granted a new trial. We need to mobilize widely to save his life. Mumia is in prison because of his political beliefs . Mumia is innocent.