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      Why jobs bill ain't enough

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      [col. Writ9/14/1 11MumiaAbu-Jamal

      When Pres.Barack H.Obama made hi sspeech before a joint session of Congress on his Jobs bill,he spoke with an intensity that has seemed to be missing since inauguration day, 2009.

      The reason is simple: the worsening economy, joined with the gnawing unemployment problem (especially among Black voters) threatens to make the nation's first Black President, a one-term president.

      Falling poll numbers, of course, also played a role. And his bill, if it should pass (and that's a big 'if 'given the political complexion of the U.S.House) would seem to have measurable effect son the jobless rate.

      But, what poses a problem for this program is that it doesn't address the 800-lb.gorilla in theroom: NAFTA (North American FreeTrade Agreement) and its inducement to employers to flee U.S. shores for cheaper labor abroad.

      Unless and until that contradiction is addressed by both the White House and Congress, jobs bills are but band aids on bullet wounds. Period.

      The sad truth is that capitalism is in crisis, and it is cannibalizing every conceivable source of profit. Thus, unions are whipped into submission, public schools undermined, foreclosures are escalating ,and politicians are openly for sale to the highest bidder.

      Unless NAFTA is either repealed or severely amended, the siphoning-off of good-paying jobs can only intensify, with direct (and deleterious) consequences for unemployment, falling or stagnant wages, declining taxation--and the further destruction o fsocial services.

      In a nutshell, the system is broken.

      One bill--even a $400+ billion dollar bill--won't make it work.

      (c) '11 maj

      Peace be upon you

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      Icon Sun RE: Why jobs bill ain't enough

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      The problem and truth of it all is:
      We are letting this problem wreak havoc in our community because we are heavily depending on the Government to come up with solutions for us.
      I have a idea that might spark future discussion on the topic because we can't depend or rely on Obama to resolve our issues.

      We need to sit down with our community leaders,educators, community bankers,and Governing officials to hold a dialogue on placing community based internships in order to educate and re-train people for jobs.
      We also need to discuss ways to provide incentives for employers to hire these intern's upon completion of the internship.
      While an individual is interning, a stipend should be provided to both intern and employer as a way to supplement income for them.

      It should be a option not force upon and does not interfere with unemployment,etc....but, after 3 month you should be able to opt out of UI benefits.

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