Quicker Custom Toolbars

If you have MS Office 2000 or newer you're in for a real toolbar treat!

Have you ever noticed the little down arrow at the end of displayed toolbars?


Well then take a look... they're sitting right there—plain as day—and they can bring some customizations down to a couple of clicks.

Click on one of the arrows.

What do you see?

Add or Remove Buttons?

Yep—that's what I see too. If you have a newer Office Suite version then you'll also see an option for showing toolbar buttons in one row but it's the Add or Remove Buttons option we need.

(If you also had arrows to the right then you may see more—the right arrows are letting you know that there are more buttons on the toolbar but not enough room to display all of them. So... along with the Add or Remove Buttons option you'll find the rest of the toolbar.)

Click the Add or Remove Buttons button. (Yeah, I know sounds ridiculous, but that's what they called it.)

Now you should be seeing a list of all possible buttons for the toolbar. (Again, newer versions are slightly different. Here you wouldn't see the button choices immediately, instead you have to choose between seeing the toolbar button list or going into customization. Select the name of the toolbar you're working with and you'll get to the list you see below.)

The items checked are already displayed (or are in the list from the right arrows) and any items not checked are available to be displayed.

Go through the list, selecting and de-selecting as you wish with just a click of the mouse button. When you finish, just click back into your file and the list will close.

What are you left with? Well, probably the fastest customized toolbar you've ever created, what else?