What are "zipped" files?

A zip file is basically a "package" of one or more compressed files.
If you download a lot of software, you'll run across these all the time.

They are not difficult to work with. You'll need an "unzipping" program in
order to access them, something like Winzip or Stuffit is a good choice.

Once unzipped, you simply run the install program (if there is one) and
you're all set. In fact, Winzip will automatically run the installation
program for you if it finds one!

You can download Winzip from:

It is a shareware program, so if you use it you, should pay for it.
It doesn't have an expiration though, so you can "evaluate" it for
as long as you like.

If you have Windows XP, you don't need a program. Just double
click a zipped file to open it.

A menu will appear from which you can save individual files to your
computer. Just click and drag, or copy the file you want and drop it
in the desired location. It's that easy!

Also, in the left-hand column there is a link to "Extract all files."

This will open a wizard to guide you through the extraction process.
You can choose where you want the files to go, etc.

Did you ever imagine that unzipping a file could be so easy?