Windows PATH Variable

Ever wonder why some programs you can launch from the command line or from Start > Run without entering the full path and others you can't? Well it's because the locations of those programs have their full directory path stored in the Windows Path variable. We can add our own locations to these, here is how:

Right Click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables Under System Variables, highlight the entry for Path and click Edit.

In the value portion of the pop-up you can enter locations containing programs and batch files you want to quickly launch applications from. Make sure you separate them with a semicolon (.

C:\My Stuff\Programs contains a program called Some_Program.exe.

Normally to launch this program from Start > Run, you would have to enter C:\My Stuff\Programs\Some_Program.

Just add the location C:\My Stuff\Programs to the Path variable, reboot your computer, then try just entering Some_Program into Start > Run.