Toys for Constant Tinkering

To fuel ones innate passion towards computers, it is obviously essential that one must have the resources available to tinker around with computers, test out new hardware, experiment with software, and develop skills with different operating systems.

In many cases, we feel that it is just too risky to start playing around with our main computer and since many don’t have a supply of spare computers to play with, our desire to tinker must be restrained. Fortunately, used computers stores are becoming more and more common.

At a used computer store, passionate tinkers can purchase used PCs at relatively inexpensive prices and begin to develop a vast arsenal of computers to experiment with.

Check your local phone book for a used computer dealer and see what deals are available. Chances are; you’ll be able to get a decent computer and great price.

If money is an issue, then also check friends and family who might be willing to donate a used or old computer for your educational advancement LOL, especially if they were going to throw the system away to beign with. Just ask around you might be surprised what you can find to tinker with.

Believe it or not tinkering is what got me to where I am now in technology professionally, plus paying to damm much for college, but I wouldn't have traded it for the world. i sincerely love what I do professionally.

Happy Tinkering!