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      Rwanda: Country to Get Internet Domain

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      Rwanda: Country to Get Internet Domain
      The New Times (Kigali)

      June 24, 2006
      Posted to the web June 26, 2006

      Edwin Musoni

      Rwanda is going to be among the few countries in the world that will
      be offering free registration for an Internet Domain name to her
      citizens, The New Times has established. According to Dr. Raphael
      Mmasi, the Director of National Computing Centre in the Rwanda
      Information Technology Authority (RITA), the Country Code Top Level
      Domain (CCTLD) is still managed by an individual, Fredrick Gregory,
      based in Belgium.

      Mmasi however, disclosed that the UNDP in conjunction with the
      United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) would assist the
      country to manage its internet resources. He further said that RITA
      is in its advanced stages of the re-delegation process of (.rw)
      domain name.

      "The United Nations Development Programme's support enabled RITA to
      acquire the necessary equipment for managing .rw registry," Dr.
      Mmasi told The New Times on phone. He added that the package would
      among other accessories include Servers and Routers.

      The domain name servers that are now running under Linux Platform
      (Fedora Core 5.0) have already been set up and running at RITA
      premises Kacyiru, he added.

      Mmasi also said that in a bid to manage the new domain, RITA sent
      two network specialists, Issa Nkusi and Claude Hakizimana, for a two
      week intensive training programme at Kenya Information Centre
      (KENIC) in May last year in order to acquire technical skills
      required for managing the .rw registry.

      He said the new domain name registry has been designed and
      configured with two uplinks connection through two different local
      Internet Service Providers.

      To date, there are also secondary name servers in Butare town and
      outside Rwanda for a backup system in case of fast disaster recovery.

      Dr Mmasi also disclosed that currently the registry system, mail
      system and website for registry are under development at RITA.

      Governmental institutions will have a sub domain of, while
      individuals will have will stand for network
      infrastructure and providers and will stand for association

      "Through .rw, the management of the Country Code Top Level Domain
      will play an important role in politics and governance, by enhancing
      a government's ability to provide internet security for its
      citizens, free and fast domain name registration, protect its
      borders and more efficiently, handle civil emergencies and national
      disasters," Dr Mmasi said.
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      You know what I wanna know? I have searched high and low, far and wide and I haven't been able to find ANYTHING on the indigenous spiritual systems of the people of Rwanda. Can't find nothing on the original spiritual system of the Hutus, Tutsis or the Twa population there. Something's fishy I tell ya.
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      any weh wi fyne dem, dem life aguh done

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