Convert MS Word Documents to HTML

It's understandable that someone would want to type documents for online use in MS Word. The spelling and grammar check assists in the creation of a professional style document and helps build credibility.

But, if you've just spent many hours writing an in-depth and lengthy article, do you really want to go through the entire article and convert it to HTML code for online use? I doubt it.

Here's how you can let MS Word format your document for online use:

1. Open the File menu
2. Select Web Page Preview
3. Your default browser will now open and display your document as a web page
4. Right-Click on the web page
5. Select View Source
6. A new window will appear to display the coding of the document
7. Highlight and copy the sections of code you need to insert into your own web site (If you are inserting this information into another site, copy just what is needed; if you are just wanting to host the document 'as-is', copy the entire source code.)