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      Thumbs up Practical Uses For Silica Packets

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      Practical Uses For Silica Packets

      If you've had occasion to order pieces of hardware, sometimes they arrive with little packages with little semi-transparent plastic balls in them (hard drives usually come with them).

      If you know you're going to be traveling this summer to humid climates, but still want to bring along your digital camera and laptop, save a few of these packets.

      If you put these silica packets into the cases where you store your electronics to keep them dry so that the humidity doesn't damage them.
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      Greetings! ImHotep!

      Sista once again you come riding thru with another enlightening method to "save the day!"

      Asante sana for the sharing -- you are most generous indeed! In DEED!

      Power & Protection Is Within YOU . . . along with my Love!
      The KMTK symbol SEBEK is the Crocodile image of the Divine Messenger and embodiment of the 'Word of God' SEBEK RULES COMMUNICATION, COMMUNION AND COMMUTING -- 'WORD/UTTERANCE' AS A CREATIVE FORCE IN FORMING REALITY!

      Azania Speaks - With The Voice of the Crocodile - SEBEK - Divine Utterance! Peace Born of Power! Some United Responsible Blacks Embracing Togetherness

      "Courage is not the absence of fear -- it is the possession of fortitude!"

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