Custom Icons For Your Flash Drive

When you plug your USB Flash Drive into a computer, it usually just comes up with a generic hard drive icon. Sometimes, your Flash Drive isn't labeled, so depending on how many drives are installed on he machine, you may have to search a little bit to figure out which drive letter is your Flash Drive.

First, choose an icon that you want to use. There are a number of free websites out there with libraries of icons that you can use, so simply google away. The icon you choose to use must be renamed to "autorun" and stored in the root of your Flash Drive.

To assign this icon to be displayed for your Flash drive, open up notepad (Start > Run > and type: notepad). Paste this next into the open notepad file:


Next, just save the file onto the root of your Flash Drive. After you're done, remove the Flash Drive and re-insert it. Your icon should now show up in place of the generic hard drive icon.