Increase/Decrease the Font Size in Your Browser

If the font on a webpage is too big or too small to read in your browser, here's a little shortcut for quickly changing the size in IE, Firefox, or Opera.

Hold down the CTRL button and scroll up with your mouse's scroll button to increase the font, and down to decrease.

Internet Explorer only has 5 size changes to go up and down, so resizing is limited (go to "View" > "Text Size" to check what setting you're on)

Firefox operates in much the same way, but can go larger and smaller than IE can. Press CTRL+0 to go back to normal size.

In Opera, you're actually "zooming in" on the page, so it's fairly unlimited as to how far you can zoom in and out. To go back to the normal zoom, hold CTRL and click the scroll button (do not scroll up or down).