Create Your Own Pop-Up Reminders

We all need to be reminded about important events, be it birthdays, aniversaries, or whatever a simple “set it and forget it” reminder is a great way to make sure you don’t forget. Rather than installing an application (if you don’t have one already) to create these reminders, simply use Notepad along with the Scheduled Tasks Windows component. Here is how:

1. In Notepad, create and save a new text document for your reminder message.
2. Open Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks.
3. Set the task executable as the text file you created in step 1. Note, you might have to change the file extension to “All Files” in order to select a text document.
4. Set the date and time to run.
5. When the date and time in step is reached, the text document will open.

This isn’t a fancy method at all, but it works great.