Emailing Google Map Links

As you probably know, it is a very common occurrence to email directions to people and there is no easier way to do this than using Google Maps (or replace with the map provider of your choice). So today I’m going to offer a few tips for using this service:

* Prior to emailing a map to someone, click the “Link to this page” function in Google Maps. This will allow you to copy the URL at the top, paste it into an email and be assured a user will see exactly what you do.

* If you are sending directions to somewhere to multiple people, enter the destination address, but leave the start address empty. This way each person can easily fill it out.

* If you have business registered with Google then type your business name into the map search and your address will appear. This looks more professional than linking to your street address.

* Bookmark addresses (after you have clicked “Link to this page”) you use often for quick access.

These are just a few ideas, hopefully you can use some of them.