Fasterfox Users: Be Courteous

If you are a Firefox user who makes use of the Fasterfox plugin, make sure you are not “abusing” the power of the plugin by increasing the load on web servers.

Basically, the way Fasterfox works is when you visit a page, the plugin scans the page for links and “pre-downloads” the content in the event you click on the link. Of course this works great for end users as there is virtually no load time on the link as the content has already been downloaded. However, this puts a great burden on the webserver as your browser is downloading content you may never view.

You may not think it is a big deal as someone browsing the site, but this directly leads to increased costs on the web site owner. Bandwidth is expensive and you are utilizing the server’s resources (on the chance you may visit a link)which could be used on actual people viewing the site.

To make sure you are playing nice, your preferences in the plugin to run in Courteous mode. This way, you can get the end user enhancements without placing an offen unnecessary load on the servers offering up content.