Saving A File With An Alternate Extension

Sometimes when you are creating or editing a file, you need to save it with an extension other than the application’s�default. This is especially true when dealing with text files. One way you can do this is by selecting “Save As” and changing the type of file to “Any file” and typing in the name. A quicker way to do this, however is to put the desired file name in quotes.

For example, you can save a file “test file.132″ in Notepad, by simply opening Notepad, typing in some text and then going to Save As. In the dialog, enter “test file.132″ (with the quotes) in the file name box and the file will be saved with the 132 extension.

This can be done regardless of what type of file you have selected to save it as in the save dialog box as the value in quotes overrides the selected file extension. A handy trick to know if you work with a lot of different text file types.