Massive Java Update Includes Security Fixes

Sun has released another update to its Java software that brings some 370 bug fixes, including a number of security updates.

For most home users, this update brings the latest version of the software to Java 6 Update 4. Most Windows users will have some version of Java on their systems, and since there are no shortage of malware samples that exploit older Java security holes to break into systems, it's a good idea to patch this software even if you never remember using it.

The update is available for Windows, Linux and Solaris systems, from this link here.

To see if you have Java installed, check out the Add/Remove Programs listing from the Windows control panel. Sun calls it Java SE Runtime Environment 6, but it's displayed in the Windows Add/Remove Programs list as Java(TM) 6). You could also just visit Sun's Java homepage and click on the "Do I have Java" link at the top, then the "Verify Installation" button. When I did that on a machine with Java 6 Update 3 installed, the page came back with a message congratulating me for having the latest version installed.

If you're a home user and have any versions older than this latest update installed (most Windows users will probably have multiple Java versions installed, as the installer doesn't remove previous versions), remove them after installing this update.