Repositioning The Taskbar

For the most part, most Windows users keep their taskbar at the default location which is the bottom of the screen. Of course you can change this in several ways.

* If you want to hide the taskbar when you are not using it, right click on the taskbar, select Properties and then check the box to auto-hide. This will make the taskbar “disappear” until you hover your mouse over the spot where the taskbar “should” be.

* To change the docking position, simply right click the taskbar and make sure the option to lock is not selected. Then click and drag the taskbar to either the top, right or left edge of the screen.

* To resize the height of the taskbar (or width if you have it docked on the side), again make sure the taskbar is not locked and then click on the outer edge (the cursor will change to a double arrow) and drag to the desired size.

* Combine any of the above.

It’s all about personal preference, so find something you like and go with it.