Apple Mac OS X 10.5.3 Fixes Flaws,
Adds Google Sync

By Thomas Claburn

Apple on Wednesday released Mac OS X 10.5.3, a collection of several dozen code improvements and security fixes for the company's current computer operating system.

The update, available from the Mac Software Update control panel or as a download from Apple's Web site, includes one major new feature: iPhone users can now sync their Mac Address Book contacts with Google Contacts.

"The Address Book application in Mac OS X 10.5.3 now lets iPhone users sync their Address Book with Google Contacts," Google's Mike Morton explained in a blog post. "To try it, go to the Address Book menu, choose Preferences, and then check Synchronize with Google. It'll ask for your Google account and password, then automatically update your contacts every time you sync your iPhone."

The patch includes a fix for the most serious of three iCal vulnerabilities disclosed by Core Security Technologies last week. An attacker could potentially exploit the flaw by inducing a user to open a maliciously crafted .ics calendar file, as an e-mail attachment or hosted on a Web server. Given the ability to add or modify files on a CalDAV server, an attacker could exploit the vulnerability without user action.

Other security fixes affect Mac OS X components Apache, Flash Player Plug-in, Help Viewer, Image Capture, Mail, and Wiki Server, to name a few.

The update includes general stability and performance fixes that affect Address Book, AirPort, Automator, iCal, iChat, Mail, Parental Controls, Spaces, Time Machine, and VoiceOver. It improves RAW image support for several cameras and addresses numerous other issues.

Apple recommends the update for all users of Mac OS X 10.5, 10.5.1, and 10.5.2.

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