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      Join the Cyber Warriors : We can do for self

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      Security Information
      Below are my “professional” steps taken to secure revolutionary data as it pertains to the internet. There is nothing as vital on the battlefield as secure data. Without it one can not plan, because as the idea is being laid out the enemy is countering just as fast as you are planning.
      Secure Data is summed up with these three letters C.I.A.
      Confidentiality = The data that you create is not known by your enemy
      Integrity = The data that you created has not been changed by your enemy
      Authenticity = The data that you receive is indeed from the source you think it is
      from and not your enemy!
      Availability = The data that you desire has been blocked from you accessing it.
      Information is no good to you if the devil grabs it and locks it in a safe (even though he can’t use it, neither can you)

      Below are some fundamental steps I have effectively used to secure data as a part of my career as a Network Security Administrator.

      Physical Control
       If you do not physical control where the data is stored then it is not secure, nor is it your data, it is your enemy’s data!
      If you want to keep a secret you can not store sensitive data on your enemy’s servers. He will let his local, state or federal government brother have it if he ask him nicely or brings him a pretty piece of paper (court order).
      Repeat after me one hundred times, “My hosting service does not give a damn about me!” “My hosting service does not give a damn about me!” “My hosting service does not give a damn about me!”
      Case in point:
      If you are creating documents on someone else’s computer be it a laptop, or website your data IS NOT SECURE, because your enemy can come behind you and read it, or worse yet change it!
      Correct Warrior Tactic: Store your data on your servers!

       If you do not control how the data is stored then it is not secure
      Case in point:
      Is your precious data stored in a broom closet where it will deteriorate, or on a cassette tape that can be destroyed by a magnet then it is not secure. This goes back to the rule of Availabilty
      If your data is not properly encrpted
      Correct Warrior Tactic:
      Back-Up your data at least weekly on two different forms of media
      Encryption your data with at least two different algorithems ex. AES and Blowfish
      Delete data based on DOD standards ie. Wipe data from drive three times and replace with 0s and 1s!
      Use at least fourteen (14) character passphrases (not passwords) that include uppercase, lowercase letter, and number!

      Social Engineering
      In short social engineering is accessing information through the carbon element. This refers to human beings, with all of their weaknesses, and imperfections. A social engineered attack is any conversation or action that exploits human based habits.
      Case in point:
      You receive a phone call on your right before your lunch break. The caller says that they are from radio station WEFUNK, and you have just won a pair of tickets to see the O’ Jays and a pair of platform shoes signed by Bootsy Collins. All they need is your home address.
      Someone looking over your shoulder as you type your password is a form of social engineering
      Dumpster Diving: Someone pays a junky twenty dollars to dig in the trash for anything with your name on it is Social Enginering.
      Taking a flier from people in the mall
      Tasting food in the Super Market
      Opening your door for sales People
      Holding conversation on the phone with sales people
      The list is endless
      Correct Warrior Tactic:
      Trust No one, treat everyone with suspicion
      Shred or burn confidential documents
      Do not be so quick to receive a freebie, it may be a recorder, transmitter or an attempt to get finger prints.
      Do hang up the phone on strangers, you owe them nothing!
      Do get a no soliciting sign for your business, and home!
      Do have a separate number for inner circle and one for the public.

      If your organization does not have someone skilled enough to protect you from internet porn, and viruses you can rest assure that the professionals are accessing your data as easy as if you gave it to them!

      If responses warrant I will post more, if not then good luck to everyone.

      In the mean time I highly recoment that you try a free software product called Trucrypt
      TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux - Downloads
      I suggest you purchase an external harddrive
      Encrypt the drive with AES and Twofish or AES, and Serpent
      Make the drive format NTFS (not FAT or FAT32)
      Set the drive to automaticly un-mount after a few hours
      Read the information carefully
      Do not cache passwords
      Note: A 750 GB drive can take two days to encrypt on a fast PC! Use a smaller one or be prepared to wait.
      Some of you may be wondering if your enemy can get in via a backdoor. Yes, if you do not follow the directions to the letter. Remember it’s a cat and mouse game, and they are waiting for you to slip!

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      Greetings Idris24434!

      Much appreciation to you for taking the time to share this information. By taking the time to
      teach those who do not know you are making a valuable contribution to our people.

      Peace & Blessings!
      Posted In The Spirit of Learning & Sharing
      One Love & Respect Always

      The Quest for knowledge stops at the grave.
      HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I.

      If you fail to prepare,
      you are preparing to fail!

      Mind what you want, because someone wants your mind.

      Working together, the ants ate the elephant.

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      I would like to know more. This is the kind of information that is needed by all people of colour.
      You are here because you know something,what you
      know you can't explain,but you feel it.You've felt it
      your entire life; that theres something wrong with the
      world.You don't know what it is but it's there; a
      splinter in your mind... the matrix

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